Brookfield, Wisc.

By Hallie Mummert Besides sophisticated personal-ization, subtle price and offer tests are two of the most difficult elements to track in the Who's Mailing What! Archive. Frankly, we just don't see that many offer tests, other than those for obvious elements like premiums. Hopefully that's related to collecting mail from roughly the same group of correspondents every month, and not a reflection of how much offer testing actually occurs in direct mail. But it might be the latter, especially if you're talking to Grant Johnson, president of direct marketing agency Johnson Direct, in Brookfield, Wisc. "The facts: We all know that lists/media and

By Tracy A. Gill When your list selection is spot-on, your offer is proven and your content is king, testing different design elements can be a simple but lucrative way to give your control a major lift. The key to getting this kind of boost from a design re-do, explains Grant Johnson, president and chief marketing officer of Brookfield, Wisc.-based consultancy Johnson Direct, is to make meaningful changes—beyond just changing the color of the outer envelope or the font of the teaser—and to do it with the consumer in mind. What will he react to? What will stop him in his tracks?

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