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Sorry, dear readers, but the crop circle discovered last week etched in a farmer's barley field in Chualar, California, was not created by aliens. Instead—surprise!—it was a stunt intended to attract publicity to the release of a mobile processor used in automobiles, tablets and cell phones made by the computer graphics company NVIDIA, according to its president and CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang. "It is true. The NVIDIA marketing team is behind this phenomenon

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA), in collaboration with a consortium of innovative marketing companies, has launched the first-ever Center for Accountable Marketing (CAM) headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. Alexandra Morehouse, a seasoned marketing professional with leadership experience at American Express, Charles Schwab & Co.,, and most recently Chief Marketing Officer of AAA, will be CAM’s Executive Director reporting directly to DMA’s CEO, Lawrence M. Kimmel; ensuring that full DMA resources are available to support CAM’s success.

By Denny Hatch This column is written for the 50 or more people whom I stood up at a private corporate conference near San Francisco on six days notice, as well as thousands of meeting planners everywhere. My e-mail to the host is reproduced below. I have not named the company, but anyone with a knowledge of the corporate culture of Bay Area high-tech companies and an ounce of intuition should be able to figure it out. Bill: I got back from New York City late yesterday and was too wiped to return your call. So you understand what went on, when your [person's

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