Austin, TX

Jeweler Tiffany & Co. is pushing a new collection ... on its mobile commerce-enabled site via an advertisement in the Pandora iPhone application. The mobile ad takes up the width of the screen in the Pandora app and shows two necklace pendants. Tiffany is bringing users to its commerce-enabled site from the ad that shows 23 pieces from the new Villa Paloma collection. “Luxury consumers— and consumers, in general, for that matter—spend considerable time in apps. Especially those that entertain, inform, are social in nature or provide some form of functional utility,” said Scott Forshay, mobile and emerging technologies strategist

By Kelly J. Andrews While Internet usage and e-commerce have skyrocketed, banner ad click-through rates have dropped precipitously amid the clamor. While 83 million U.S. adults now have Internet access, according to IntelliQuest, an Austin, TX, market research firm, most industry analysts say the response rate to banner ads is less than 1 percent. There may be more consumers online, but direct marketers aren't interested in creating or collecting impressions—they're trying to make sales. So how can they break through the deafening noise on the Internet to make messages standout? Some think rich media is the answer. The use of rich media

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