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GDPR complaints at first blush seemed to have been brought by those with an axe to grind. But now that the data privacy law’s been in place for a bit, there’s a pattern emerging in the 1,838 GDPR complaints; the 1,106 additional data protection complaints since May 25 from the U.K. alone, which might also be filed under a pre-existing law; and the 547 data breach notifications filed in Ireland.

Well, travel marketers, do you want to dance under the moonlight with all of the Millennial tourists who will waltz to your tune? Brand USA does, so it partnered with Spotify “to create more than 20 playlists customized according to different U.S. city soundscapes,” reports Marketing Dive on Friday.

Everyone bleeds. Yet Americans hide it from themselves in television commercials, video games, movie violence, and in other ads and images by turning the red liquid — get this — blue, black or green. The British aren’t as squeamish. So should American marketing grow up?

Marketing technology (MarTech) appears to leaning toward tailoring itself to verticals, such as real estate and retail, if last week's startup deals are any indication. Investors funded a variety of software and to see what MarTech is coming, marketers can click here.

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