Americus, GA

By Abny Santicola In this age of Do-Not-Call there's a clear need to respect the contact wishes of prospects so as not to alienate them. While this can pose some challenges for direct marketers, there are opportunities to foster trusting relationships with prospects when you respect their preferences. Americus, Ga.-based nonprofit Habitat for Humanity International knows this well, taking advantage of an opportunity to communicate with past donors who have indicated--over the phone or by writing in on an appeal or other correspondence--that they would prefer not to be called, via a #10 envelope package that appeared in the Who's Mailing

Front-end premiums, or "freemiums," have long been commonplace in direct mail fund raising. Calendars, greeting cards and bumper stickers—to name a few—have widely been used by nonprofit mailers to show appreciation for contributions in advance. Many believe the need for freemiums is due to lack of nonprofit pulling power in straightforward appeals; fund-raisers are forced to turn to the freemium, which can give a package added value. Name-and-address labels, for example, have been one of the most effective and well-received freemiums in the nonprofit sector. But much like any great concept in direct mail, many mailers adopted it for their own packages,

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