Akron, Ohio

Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

There is ample research about emails increasingly being opened on mobile devices. That brings challenges for marketers in ensuring email optimization for the platform, but also opportunity with m-commerce and immediate product purchasing. Some of the latest data holds that email consumption on mobile platforms soared in the heavy shopping period around Thanksgiving (Nov. 20-26). Email marketing company Knotice says its research found that 45 percent of emails sent by retailers were opened on mobile devices. That was a 50 percent jump from the same period in 2011. Knotice, based on Akron, Ohio, analyzed about 2.8 million emails.

Cell phones are perhaps the most personal devices on which consumers allow marketers to contact them. While achieving opt-in is the first hurdle, maintaining the relationship is just as much of a challenge.

While customer retention and mobile marketing may not yet be synonymous, there may be a way to bring the concepts closer together. Dave Lawson, director of mobile engagement for Akron, Ohio-based "direct digital marketing company" Knotice, says marketers who keep customers engaged are most likely to retain them in their mobile marketing programs. Here are a few ways he recommends to accomplish that.

CardScan—which invented card scanners for Mac and Windows and is part of the office technology products group of Atlanta-based Newell Rubbermaid— enhanced its Mac offering with CardScan Executive for Mac 1.5 software. Those who purchased CardScan Executive for Mac that debuted in October 2008 can download a free update for the 1.5 version. As of mid-May, the updates were included in the software.

If the gurus behind childhood-education mainstay Schoolhouse Rock have anything to say about it, three is the quintessential magic number. However, for marketers looking for just the right amount of questions to include in a survey, the “magic number” requirements become considerably more business-savvy than the lyrics to a pop song. When enticing prospects to willingly provide information about themselves and/or their feelings on a product or brand, nothing turns a person off more than something that feels like homework. According to survey tests done by Bob Roberts, manager of marketing research for Babcox Publications, an Akron, Ohio–based B-to-B publisher, surveys with an exhaustive

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