“We lost control.”—David Neeleman, CEO, JetBlue


“We lost control.”
—David Neeleman, CEO, JetBlue

I have sat in jet airliners on runways, but never for more than an hour. The weather outside the cabin may have been clear and sunny, but as the pilot explained over the public address system, no incoming traffic was able to land at the destination airport because of fog or snow. So we sat—grateful to be safe on the ground—rather than endlessly circling O’Hare or Metro Detroit in soup, waiting for a break in the weather and for the planes ahead of us to land. In 2006, some 60,000 fully loaded planes, were stuck on the tarmac for one to two hours.

Drive More Quality Traffic to Your Site

What drives shoppers to your Web site? Is it an e-mail they just received announcing a sale or free shipping? Were they pointed there by a search engine? Did they find the site through word of mouth? Based on research collected and compiled by ForeSee Results over the 2006 holiday shopping season, the methods that drive the most first-time visitors don’t necessarily drive the highest quality shoppers • Promotional e-mails work. One-quarter of online holiday shoppers went to a site because they received a promotional e-mail from the retailer. This group had a strong satisfaction score of 76 on the