'Stop Touching Me!'

Back when I was running the Target Marketing Group, I would get approximately two calls a month from readers who wanted the magic formula for the ideal number of times a customer should be contacted.

4 SMB Local SEO Tips

For businesses reliant on local traffic (Web, mobile and foot) few marketing efforts could be more important than optimizing local search.


Pinterest. Foursquare. Google+. Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. We're so entranced by the possibilities of social networking we risk forgetting the other kind of networking that can work so well—live, in-the-flesh human contact. Social networking can reach a wider audience by far. But the impact is not as memorable as networking with a prospect face-to-face.

Filing a Report

Report cards. Just hearing those two words can generate angst even if you are no longer in school. They can raise the hairs on the back of your neck even if you were once a hard-driving honor student with such stellar grades that your parents proudly put bumper stickers on their cars. Report cards in the business world have the capacity to generate that same fear. We all want to measure up and never down. But what if I told you that with a few tweaks to the process, report cards can actually become a brand-enhancing tool you shouldn't live without?

Let's Talk About You

An "About Us" section is one of the few constants of organizations' websites. Businesses have evolved their sites to present a unique and increasingly dynamic "handshake" to customers with look and feel, content and interactions. Yet, About Us sections, regardless of company size or industry, have remained largely a static, impersonal catch-all for content that doesn't seem to fit anywhere else on the site.

Mobile Sign-ups Are Fertile Crop for THP

With mobile visits to its website more than doubling during the past year, The Hunger Project saw an opportunity. Why not sign up potential donors while they're using the channel? That's when the New York-based nonprofit that's "committed to the sustainable end of world hunger" decided to hire Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Pontiflex, a mobile sign-up ad platform provider.  

Prospecting for Smiles

Talking with Priscilla Ma, it sounds as if she wishes for a utopia where no child would be born with cleft lip or palate. And that would mean the world wouldn't need Smile Train. But the executive director of the New York-based nonprofit knows children are born with facial deformities, so she just wants her organization's mission to come true: a world without visible cleft lip and palate.

Shatter the Crystal Ball

What if you could tell what a consumer was thinking? What if you knew how consumers' attitudes differed? In both quality and quantity, the psychographic data now available are the best ever and—incorporated into your marketing program—can help you answer those and other questions.

The Great 2012 Free Marketing Conference In Your Office

A couple months ago, I told you about Integrated Marketing Conference 2012, to be held anywhere you have access to a computer on Aug. 16. Well, Aug. 16 is practically here, and it is shaping up to be a great show. Check out the agenda for yourself.

The New Call to Action

Customers … why don't they just do what we want? That would make direct marketing so much easier, wouldn't it? Unfortunately, it's not that easy. In today's marketing climate—with so many choices, technological devices and brand messages bombarding the senses—it's more difficult than ever to get customers to do anything, let alone what you want them to do.