Controlling Print Costs

It's true postage is usually the single-most expensive part of any direct mail campaign. But if you're not careful, printing costs can consume a large portion of your budget, as well. Here are eight tips you can implement tomorrow to keep your print production costs on a healthy diet.

Do You Know Who's Mailing What!?

"To be successful in this business, you have to see who's mailing what … Look for those mailings that keep coming again and again, which means they are successful, and then steal smart." Dorothy Kerr said that at a Direct Mail Writer's Guild luncheon attended by Denny Hatch in the late '70s, and he's quoted it often since. It was one inspiration for the Who's Mailing What! direct mail archive.

Does the New HIPAA Rule Apply to You?

On Jan. 17, 2013, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced a final omnibus rule amending the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) in accordance with the HITECH Act of 2009. If you are a Covered Entity (CE) who has been dealing with HIPAA for years, you probably already know the implications of the new rule.

Experience, Meet Search

Until the last decade or so, user experience (UX) design and search engine optimization (SEO) were relatively new areas of specialization within marketing. User experience encourages a closer look at the needs of target audiences, while SEO emerged to address the increasingly competitive digital marketplace.

First Tennessee Bank's E-newsletters in Action

Mary Ellen Slayter, managing director of Reputation Capital Media Services in Baton Rouge, La., says email newsletters can be very effective target marketing tools, but banks should be careful to not limit them to content solely about their own products and services. “Sometimes it’s better not to be obvious,” Slayter says.

Get a CKO So Your SEO Isn't TKO

A company needs a single point person in charge of its keywords, says Daniel Olduck. That was the key takeaway the vice president of strategy for paid media at New York-based search engine marketing software and services provider Acronym Media wanted attendees to remember from the presentation "Enterprise Search is Evolving. Introducing: The Chief Keyword Officer. Are You Ready?" Olduck and David Sprinkle, Acronym's chief analytics officer, spoke on March 26 at SES New York.

How Many Ways Can You Say It?

When you're writing to generate response, it all starts with finding ways to engage your reader in your copy and content. Reader engagement hinges on using the right words to build rapport. This kind of copy rings true with the targeted audience because it makes an immediate connection. But how do you know which are the right words to use? One technique is to say the same thing in different ways. Many different ways. You never know which will hit your readers' hot buttons and snag their attention. I know from experience this technique works across channels—from direct mail letters and self-mailers to emails, whitepapers, blog posts and website copy. Twitter, with its 140 characters, may be the one exception, because you don't have the opportunity to repeat yourself.

If You Have to Ask, You're Too Stupid to Own One

Did you hear the story of the rich yuppie whose Porsche was sideswiped and totaled on a narrow bridge? His elbow had been protruding out the window, and the crash tore his left arm off and it flew into the bay below.

Instagram for Marketers

The content that Instagram users are generating and consuming allows innovative brands and e-commerce sites to harness the power of photo sharing to increase customer relations and enhance the feedback loop. Here’s one tip to use as a starting point for brand success on Instagram.

Marketing Database Analytics; Youtility; and Users, Not Customers

Check out the marketing titles publishing in May, June and July from Routledge and Portfolio.

Social by the Numbers

The first thing that comes to mind when considering data's role within social marketing is Web analytics. Social marketing, as a new marketing term that has evolved during the past decade, can be defined as "communication opportunities between consumers and businesses that use the Internet as a platform." As all this communication is taking place between Internet URLs, it makes sense Web analytics would form the foundation of data's role in this powerful medium. So let's discuss three actionable opportunities for data's role in social media.

Taking Care of Business

Though banks took the blame for it, the 2007/2008 "financial crisis" was not easy on any financial firms, including the First Horizon National Corp. in Memphis, Tenn., parent company of First Tennessee Bank. After selling off its national mortgage business when the financial crisis hit and shuffling management, the company began to refocus on one of its core strengths: serving commercial customers.

Turn Plastic Money Real

You might think it's a simple process to start accepting credit cards for your e-store. All you need to do is sign up for a merchant account with your local bank and the money starts pouring in. In no time at all, you can be relaxing on a Caribbean beach, sipping piña coladas worry-free, right? I hate to spoil your dreams, but accepting online credit card payments is quite challenging. Whether it's the transaction fees surrounding special cash-back credit cards or complying with a myriad of global sales tax laws, a lot of time and energy goes into setting up a full-featured shopping cart for your customers.