4 Essential Social Marketing Strategies

Marketers tend to think of 
social media as a channel in-and-of-itself—a way to engage, interact and dialogue. But what every marketer should know is each social network or platform has its own requirements. Social is not "done" by creating some content blurbs, posting some video and calling it a day.

4 Things All Marketers Need to 

If you aren't a part of the healthcare industry, you may be only vaguely familiar with these laws. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was passed in 1996, and the Privacy and Security Rules that resulted from this law, covering Protected Health Information (PHI), have been in place since 2003.

5 Ways to Rekindle the Romance With Your Customers

If you were your company's customer, would your loyalty program keep the romance going? "You should constantly assess your relationships and determine how to make them stronger, assuming you're more interested in a long-term relationship than a one-night stand," advises Keith Smith, CEO and co-founder of Seattle-based gamified loyalty platform provider BigDoor.

Decipher the Code

As marketers have parted ways with older response mechanisms like business reply cards in favor of landing pages and PURLs, the industry is once again eager to experiment and embrace the newest tactic to drive response rates—QR Codes. True to their name, QR Codes are designed to deliver quick response and interactive engagement.

Getting Paid

Jay Leno once described his personal business model in six words: "Write joke. Tell joke. Get check." The two key words: "Get check." When Peggy and I ran the WHO'S MAILING WHAT! newsletter and archive service ... Our business model was a variation of Jay Leno's.

Head of the Class

As a workshop leader and teacher of compulsory English composition to college freshmen at 7:30 in the morning, I've learned that for every question people ask, many questions go unasked. And unanswered. And not having these answers can affect success, especially in the world of 
direct marketing. So, if you've ever wondered how long your copy/content should be, whether or not you should tap social media, or what kind of response rates to expect, 
keep reading.

HP's Email at Work

A focus on recipient data and preferences allows HP, the largest IT company in the world, to surround its millions of subscribers—be they customers, prospects or just the curious—with email messaging they're happy to open and buy from.

Human by Design

The user experience (UX) community is slowly starting to realize that designing for usability alone is no longer enough to gain consumer loyalty. Human Factors International, a company specializing in user-centered design, has coined the term "PET design" and has come up with a set of guidelines to help improve the development of great user experience.

Playing by the Rules

"Big Data" is a buzzword these days. More importantly, under the hood there have been new data emerging from so many sources, we are all scrambling to keep up. As new media channels have been born during the past decade, so have new databases that serve as repositories for all the new data. In some cases, each media channel has its own database. In other cases, the data is combined where it is easy to do so. In all cases, we need to figure out how to make sense of this escalating confusion of data.

Social Arithmetic: 5 Steps to Optimize Social Media Marketing

The challenge for marketers trying to get a handle on social media marketing performance today is to understand what information is crucial to catch and distill in order to gain a thorough understanding of the ongoing performance, and ultimately the effectiveness, of activation programs. The following framework for establishing an effective social media marketing performance measurement program should give you a good start towards better interpreting and optimizing the performance of your activation programs.

There Is No ‘Right Way’

According to our 2012 Media Usage Forecast, 96 percent of our readers market through email and most of you are increasing budget for it. This month's cover story will show you some great things Daryl Nielson and his team are doing with email at HP. However, email is not "The Answer." Sings Email’s Praises

When Ben Jackson took the position with in 2009, the marketplace for professional voice-over talent was still sending out batch-and-blast email campaigns to convert guest members who had free accounts to paid membership. Something had to change, knew Jackson, director of sales and marketing for the London, Ontario-based, auction-centric website.