The Unforgiving Internet


Change Your Mailing Frequency

Your buyer file is your most important asset. Profit comes from remailing those buyers with higher response and lower mailing costs. Determine your correct frequency by segment, and see results soar. —Michelle Farabaugh, partner, LENSER

The Unforgiving Internet

Editors as chumps and four lives ruined Vol. 1 Issue #28 IN THE NEWS CARBONDALE, Ill. - Kodee Kennings' story was pure gold. For nearly two years, the motherless 8-year-old spoke and wrote movingly of her struggle to deal with her soldier father being shipped off to fight in Iraq, and Southern Illinois University's student newspaper chronicled her thoughts in its pages. But there was no Kodee Kennings, and the elaborate hoax exposed Friday left The Daily Egyptian embarrassed. --Jim Suhr "Series is exposed as hoax, retracted by student paper" Associated Press, Aug. 29, 2005

Use Your Personality to Get E-mail Opened

Talk in the first person. Develop your persona as a friend or as an expert. Define your persona based on your customers' needs and desires and based on professional behaviors. —Dan Lok,