The Seemingly Impossible Sales Challenge


The Seemingly Impossible Sales Challenge

I responded to Jerome Whitcroft’s press release announcing a million-dollar speed-typing contest because I was curious to know how my typing skills would rate against the best in the world.

Plus, I wouldn’t mind a piece of the million bucks in prize money.

I sent him an e-mail asking for the press kit, and he responded immediately with complete information.

After spending some time on his Web site and scouting the competition, I sent him a proposal on how he might be able to get some more business.

“On the other hand,” I added, “if you're selling a ton of product and getting rich beyond the dreams of avarice, disregard this correspondence.”

Never heard back.

The more I got into what Jerome Whitcroft was offering, the happier I am he didn't reply.

I think he has a serious marketing problem.