The Inevitable World War With China


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Divide and Conquer A Primer on Needs-based Segmentation

By Nick Poulos Selection is the single most important set of decisions any business-to-business enterprise can make. The most successful firms consciously select the products and services they will provide, the customers to whom they will provide them, and the channels through which they will market them. Running parallel to the selection process is one of the biggest challenges facing business today: how to invest the limited resources at our disposal—time, money and human resources. Accordingly, targeted segmentation to promote conscious selectivity within your sales, marketing and service database becomes the most valuable prize of your business intelligence and customer knowledge management activity. Recognizing

The Inevitable World War With China

The 800-pound gorilla no one talks about Sept. 20, 2005, Vol. 1, Issue #32 IN THE NEWS BEIJING--Visiting the Chinese capital for the first time since 1996 is a startling experience. Nothing you've read can prepare you for the overwhelming physical reality of China's explosive growth, its leap from the bicycle age to the age of Audis, cell phones, and a middle-class passion for fashion. Wander through Beijing's glitziest malls and watch crowds of young Chinese chatting on cell phones, roaming in and out of Nine West, Mr. Klein, Givenchy, Rolex watch stores, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, or the local Cineplex, and you realize