Target Marketing September 2011


Banking on Social

Starting dialog with prospects and turning friends and "likes" into leads and sales demand marketers give customers a tool that helps them solve important problems—like managing finances—in ways that ultimately prompt trials, applications, subscriptions and sales.

Direct Mail Is a Dinosaur

Not every company should be sending direct mail today. Like the other channels, its effectiveness depends on whether or not your direct mail triggers your target market profitably.

Getting Started

If you are sitting and looking at a blank computer screen (or a blank piece of paper), you'll never get started.

Responsive Forecasting

How do you create a response order curve to accurately reflect how close you will be to plan mid-way through a marketing campaign? How can that curve help efficiently manage staffing and/or inventory concerns? How do major holidays affect those 
forecasted curves?

The Kit Factor

Direct response writers are always on the prowl for words to make their marketing concepts more compelling and more effective in generating a click, a call or a store visit.

The Top 50 Mailers

It's been the year of integrated marketing, and nothing proves that more than GEICO's appearance on our annual list of the top 50 direct mailers. You've probably seen so much of GEICO's gecko, cavemen and the googly-eyed stack of money that you're not surprised to see it anywhere now. But it's been five years and about $5 billion in revenue since the TV-slick and Web-savvy insurer last mailed enough to make the list.

Track Social Traffic in Google Analytics

As many breakouts as there are for traffic sources on the Google Analytics dashboard, the one that's not ready-made is "Social Media." But marketers can fix that problem themselves in a few simple steps.

Video, the Last Frontier

Most members of the direct marketing industry, other than DRTV practitioners, don't grasp the impending impact that online video with viewer tracking will have on the $180 billion direct marketing industry. The ability to deliver and track video on smartphones and tablets is suddenly critical for successful video direct marketing.

Warring Band Loves Its Fans—Directly

Now, artists are starting to realize that direct marketing helps them remain independent. For the band The Civil Wars, marketing directly to consumers also makes monetary sense.