Target Marketing September 2010


Back to School

No matter how many years keep ticking by since my school days, the early weeks of September always bring back vivid memories of starting a new school year. As a girl, back-to-school time for me was mostly about getting a new wardrobe, catching up with classmates I hadn't run into during the summer and, in high school, getting one more season to perfect my volleyball game.

Give Them Value

Many marketers want to help customers make better decisions by becoming the source of trusted information. But few are actually turning this practice into leads and increased referrals.

Ignore the 
Org Chart

Circulation planning used to be a print-channel-only exercise, independent of Web and/or storefront marketing initiatives. Likewise, Web traffic management was purely the function of the Web marketing team. It was the exception to the rule that the different marketing teams would coordinate on any kind of a common approach. However, to survive our new economy and the way customers make decisions today requires a new way of thinking and an updated approach to how you contact them.

IIN Makes Good Investment

New York-based Institutional Investor News decided to test new upscale creative and copy during its mid-February through end-of-March multichannel subscription campaign. The publisher tasked Wayne, N.J.-based direct marketing creative and production services provider Ballantine Corp. with the creative, printing and mailing of 
the project.

Jeff Bezos, Genius!

As long-time readers know, I am a fierce advocate of studying what others do and then "stealing smart."

Outside the Inbox

What really increases the probability of a company's e-mail message reaching its customer has nothing to do with technology, according to a blog post on

Positive Anticipation

Do you anticipate receiving birthday cards, leaving on vacation or heading out the door on Friday afternoon? Of course you do.

Skills for Job Security

The word on the street is that there are fewer jobs in marketing, both on the services and brand sides. This is true overall, but specific skill sets still are in high demand. In fact, demand exceeds supply in some cases, even in this prolonged economic downturn. What are the trends that will enable you to align your skills in order to best position future job security?

Text Mining in Marketing

In the world of marketing, text mining has gained greater awareness and favor as social media, inbound e-mail marketing, filtering and other "digitized" communication and documents in free text have flourished—and as the cost and quality of tools available to analysts and marketing departments have become more accessible.

The Pocket Web

Marketers today face a Catch-22 proposition: While smartphone adoption has increased exponentially—providing both the platform and legitimacy for the discipline—the budgets and resources dedicated toward mobile marketing have not kept up. But you don't have to sit out of the mobile marketing game for lack of a six-figure budget. You can start small, focusing on best practices, to build the returns that will help make your budget case.

The Top 50 Mailers

The more things change on Target Marketing's Top 50 Mailers list, the more they stay the same. As I write this, mail volume continues to plummet; the U.S. Postal Service reported a drop just shy of another billion pieces for the third quarter of its 2010 fiscal year. So with increasingly less First-Class and Standard Mail in circulation, what do consumers find in their mailboxes these days?