Target Marketing September 2009


Beware of Competitors’ Trademarks

While many clients come to attorney Marc P. Misthal after trademark infringement already has taken place, he has plenty of advice on how marketers can avoid needing his services. The partner at the law firm of Gottlieb, Rackman & Reisman, P.C., a New York-based intellectual property law firm, says all they need to do is use common sense.

and Trust

It doesn't matter what the economic climate is; it's always important to reassure those doing business with you. Customers need to be reassured the company they know and love hasn't and won't be going out of business, while prospects—always the skeptics—need to be convinced about your stability, reliability and commitment to quality before they'll do business with you.

Direct Marketing a Reputation

For many consumers trying to weather the economic storm, any trust they may have had in corporations has evaporated. So finds management consulting firm McKinsey & Co. in its June 2009 issue of McKinsey Quarterly. In the article "Rebuilding Corporate Reputations," consultants provide recommendations on how companies can rebuild their reputations, mostly through direct 
marketing channels.

Edit Your Stuff!

I have taken some flak for my definition of a blog: "A cross between bog and blob." By that I mean many bloggers love to clear their throats, roll up their sleeves, rub their hands together and talk about what they had for breakfast, whereupon you are in the middle of Page 2 and have learned nothing.

It’s All Social

For most of us, digital marketing and e-commerce have yet to bear fruit in times of slow consumer spending and record unemployment. But digital is providing remarkably significant value for some brands. These leaders are not gratuitously rushing into realms like Facebook or Twitter to "engage" as much as they're taking a step back, breathing deeply and ultimately finding their ways back to tried-and-true practices that can be significantly enhanced by digital. For them, staying grounded in achieving business objectives is proving to be the difference between success and failure in today's 
challenged economy.

Killer Kickoffs

Your marketing efforts are under attack! They are costing more to produce and getting lackluster results, right? Your efforts must be stepped up in order to survive. In most cases, every marketing effort your company has produced could have been stronger, more strategic and garnered better results. Almost every time the culprit that keeps you from stellar results can point back to the kickoff meeting.

Long Live Direct Mail

Exaggerated predictions of direct mail's demise have come up again, the typical knee-jerk reaction to some harsh realities: Standard mail volume continues to shrink, for a total drop of 12 billion pieces so far this USPS fiscal year; direct mail spend is contracting while e-mail spend increases; and consumers' environmental concerns continue to pressure marketers to evaluate their media choices carefully.

Marketing for the Pros

"Unfortunately, too much of marketing spending—in dollars and time—is still wasted in professional services firms," write Mike Schultz and John E. Doerr, co-presidents of the Wellesley Hills Group and co-authors of "Professional Services Marketing: How the Best Firms Build Premier Brands, Thriving Lead Generation Engines, and Cultures of Business Development Success." Instead of using the same one-sided marketing tactics, professional services firms need to focus on lead generation, establish their brands and reputations, and win new clients—and that's just the beginning.

Marketing Plans to Go Downhill

In a family of four, a ski vacation probably sounds fun to three of them—dad and the kids. But to mom, it sounds like packing four pairs of snow boots and skis, battling ski lesson and mealtime conflicts, and rushing from the airport to the hotel.

Preventing Breakups

Why? Everyone who’s ever been dumped wants the answer. Many never know the reason. But companies that use dashboards as a retention tool are not only finding out why; they’re figuring out when their beloved customers are showing signs of leaving so they can take the necessary steps to successfully woo them once again.

The Top 50 Mailers

What a difference a year makes. With the U.S. Postal Service reporting mail volume on the decline to the tune of billions of pieces, it comes as no surprise that the 2009 Top 50 Mailers list is greatly changed from its 2008 counterpart.

You Gotta Score to Win

"Why can't I get more qualified leads?" the sales manager pleads. "You give us inquiries, but we don't know what they want, when they want it or if they are budgeted. It would help to know if they are qualified to buy." He continues, "You send them a package of literature, and marketing doesn't reach out to them again. How about giving us more qualified leads and skip the raw inquiries?"