Target Marketing October 2011


4 Quick Tips on Implementing 
QR Codes

As more marketers jump into integrated 
mobile marketing, QR Codes are becoming standard fare. The following are some quick guidelines to consider when designing and implementing QR Codes in your marketing.

A Truly Bizarre 
Business Model

A 10-word mission statement for every business in the world should be: "Acquire a customer and then create CRM (Customer Relationship Magic)."

Brand Sabbaths

In today's frenzied pace, this is a practice that rarely gets intentional and quality "thinkabout" time. We think our energy pie is limitless, that true grit will somehow always carry our goals, that we'll find budget money somewhere and that we can do it all. It's a breathless pattern for brands these days.

Breaking the Chat Ice

Live chat has some skeletons in its closet. Historically, live chat was seen primarily as a way to avoid talking to customers. Contact centers employed chat as a call avoidance technology because it enables agents to assist multiple customers at once, so driving a consumer into a live chat is instantly cheaper than picking up the phone.

of the Year: Brian Cowart

It's a phrase Brian Cowart probably says a lot: "I'm sorry I made you cry." It's not that the senior vice president of national direct marketing for ALSAC/St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is mean. It's that Target Marketing magazine's 2011 Direct Marketer of the Year is such an effective communicator about his organization—which works to cure children of cancer and other catastrophic diseases—that listeners' tears just come naturally.

El Gallo Giro Champions Transpromo

A cross-selling approach with quick expiration dates—two to three days after purchase—is part of the reason redemption rates have quadrupled since Mexican restaurant El Gallo Giro implemented transpromo in February 2011.

Finding a Calling

One of the things you notice when you cover the direct marketing industry is just how many people in it feel that this is what they were meant to do with their lives. They, and hopefully you reading this, feel passionate about it.

Let’s Get Physical

Giving the prospect something tangible is a field-tested marketing technique that we know works. Yet in today's digital age, prospects receive fewer and fewer physical communications; instead, getting the bulk of their marketing messages via websites, email, online ads and social media. Therefore, adding physical marketing communications to your mix can help you gain attention and leap ahead of the pack.

Need a Lift?

Contrary to popular belief, social media will not kill email. The death of email at the hands of social media is greatly debated, and fueled by research from comScore, which reports that time spent on Web-based email declined by 8 percent in 2010, while time spent using social networks grew by 36 percent.

Preparing for a Data Breach: 
Do You Have a Plan?

Since the first of the year, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse has logged over 300 breaches involving over 23 million sensitive records. Not every data breach is the result of a malicious act—either from an external hacker or internal fraudulent activity. Many breaches are the result of human error—lost or stolen devices, poor document or device destruction procedures or simply unintended disclosure.

Some of My Favorite Things

Julie Andrews sang about them in The Sound of Music. Oprah had them as an annual event on her show. Now it's time to add Reggie's favorite "email things" to the list. Let's take a look at interesting and unusual approaches to email marketing that could inspire you.

Trend Setting

With all the attention on the debt crisis this summer—including the debt crisis at the U.S. Postal Service (USPS)—it's easy to overlook how fascinating direct mail has become in our multichannel age. Many brands continue to use mail in their media mix—and why not?

Understanding the Mom Segment, Small Groups as Influencers and Going Mobile

Check out the marketing 
titles publishing in October, November and December 2011.