Target Marketing October 2010


A New Privacy Bill is Coming: 
Are You Ready?

It seems like decades ago we started hearing about comprehensive privacy legislation. Well, it was. In the meantime, we've had a new FCRA, GLBA, HIPAA, COPPA, CAN-SPAM and more state laws than I can count. And now we have a new bill. No, wait, it's a "discussion draft." OK, let's talk about that.

B-to-B Writing Clinic

It’s true that consumer direct response headlines can get pretty clever, daring and even outrageous. But powerful headline writing

Bite-Size Branding

The idea of an amuse-bouche took me right into my branding brain. I started thinking about how creative brand leaders develop their own versions of the amuse-bouche for their customers, not only at the beginning of their brand experiences, but all the way throughout the process. Truly innovative brand leaders find all sorts of intriguing ways to offer potential and present customers glimpses into their brands.


Every direct marketer I know has spent the last few years navigating one of the biggest challenges facing our industry today: the continued shrinking of the direct mail universe. Mailers are cutting back, or shutting down, which results in decreased direct mail prospecting. Of course, less mailing means fewer responders available to turn around for list rental purposes, and … well, many of you are probably living this cycle in your own mail plans. The result, naturally, is that the available pool of direct mail responder names has contracted significantly.

Design to Perform

To stand out from the crowd in your customer's inbox, it's critical for marketers to design their emails with deliverability, readability and action in mind, states Lyris CMO Blaine Mathieu in his contributed chapter of the DirectMarketingIQ special report, "All About Email Creative: Trends, Best Practices and Case Studies."

Direct Marketer of the Year: David Norton

Anyone wagering that David Norton would use the word "I" to describe any of his feelings about earning the title of Target Marketing magazine's 2010 Direct Marketer of the Year just lost a bet.

Get the Dupes Out

Approaches to data hygiene introduced 30 or 40 years ago have been rendered obsolete. Back then, the average person moved only once in a decade, was less likely to divorce and typically relied on a single phone line for the entire household. That is a sharp contrast to today, when typical consumers make 11 moves during their lifetimes and 2 million people divorce each year. And, as we all know, the majority of households rely on multiple cell phones, often in lieu of a dedicated land line.

Having an Email Vision

Many direct marketers rely on a regular e-newsletter to communicate with their customers. These communications are different from promotional emails in that the main focus is content or relationship building, and not on an immediate action such as making a purchase.

It’s Still Target Marketing

Every company embracing multichannel marketing is learning that target marketing is essential to winning and keeping customers.

Mobile, Social Media, Ad Creative and Online Video

According to Reston, Va.-based comScore, more than 177 million Internet users in the U.S. watched video content in June. As viewing videos online continues to grow by leaps and bounds, comScore has introduced Video Metrix 2.0, a next generation of the company's online video measurement service.

Pulling Rank

Raising a page's rank through linkbuilding—the process of generating links back to specific Web pages—can be done. But like any worthy goal, it takes strategy, persistence and good implementation to succeed.

The Tricky Business of Setting Prices

After much hype and media buzz, released the first generation Kindle e-reader on Nov. 19, 2007, for $399. It reportedly sold out within 5.5 hours. I wanted one badly, but the thing was 1) untested in the marketplace and 2) pricey.