Target Marketing October 2009


’Net Control

In today's economy, marketers are looking for ways to get information faster, streamline existing processes and, most of all, reduce operational costs. One area marketers should review is the marketing execution process—specifically, e-stores or sales portals where partners, the sales force or retail stores are able to order fulfillment/marketing materials, POS/POP, samples and other sales support tools. Having a single centralized e-store can drive communication between corporate and the field, reduce operating expenses, improve total program visibility, and deliver focus to your marketing execution and fulfillment strategy.

Are You Going In or Out?

Which works best for B-to-B lead generation—inbound or outbound marketing? Inbound refers to prospects contacting marketers "out of the blue," because they are actively interested in specific products or services. Conversely, outbound marketing requires marketers to reach out and touch prospects proactively, e.g., with a postcard, telemarketing call, e-mail or magazine advertisement.

ASI Shows Enter Virtual World

Granted, Kent Tibbils had shown leadership by helping introduce a virtual trade show to ASI Corp.’s repertoire. But the marketing vice president thought the Barack Obama likeness, which his colleagues included as the avatar in his trade show chat window, was a bit much.

Data Is as Data Does

As much of the world strives to pull itself out of this damnable recession—the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development did report recently at least the beginning of a global economic recovery—marketers have been forced to grapple with how much stock to put in the predictive abilities of their customer databases. Has the poor health of the U.S. economy altered the consumer—and business, for that matter—landscape so greatly that all the customer data you collected up until a year ago couldn't forecast its way out of a wet paper bag?

Datacard Optimization

Datacard Optimization: Gone are the days of manually updating datacard counts, if Hanover, N.H.-based NextMark has its way. The direct marketing list firm has introduced NextMark Select.

Direct Marketer of the Year: Pegg Nadler

Pegg Nadler loves the unknown. Where others see challenges, she sees opportunities. Where others fear change, she fears boredom. These are some of the qualities that have driven her 30-year direct marketing career, the bulk of which she's spent advancing database marketing operations at commercial and nonprofit organizations and giving back to the direct marketing community. And they're why she's Target Marketing magazine's Direct Marketer of the Year.

Dismal e-Pitches

As a columnist for this publication and creator of the e-zine BusinessCommon, I constantly receive e-pitches from PR types to do stories about some CEO or company, or e-sales pitches to buy something.

Fixing the Picture

What is a lead? Aside from being the lifeblood of a direct response campaign, a lead also is the lifeblood of a business. Yet leads aren't always treated that way.

Spruce It Up

Direct marketers are incrementalists. We know what works, and we test our controls against various creative and offer permutations to improve results and come up with a winning formula. This disciplined approach has served us well.

This Is Huge!

In the summer, an unparalleled group of previously disparate interests in the online advertising ecosystem agreed to speak the same language about behavioral advertising.

Track and Tack

A common challenge shared by most B-to-B marketers is how to improve lead quality—especially from paid search campaigns. Because B-to-B companies often face longer sales cycles than many e-retailers, how can B-to-B marketers effectively evaluate and improve paid search campaigns to increase return on investment? Here are six steps to improve lead quality from paid search campaigns:

Transpromo’s Evolution

The term "transpromo" is getting out of hand. Depending on who you talk to, it could have many different meanings. By original definition, transpromo is the concept of placing relevant and personalized promotions or advertisements on must-read documents, such as bills or statements.