Target Marketing November 2011


12 Copy Improvements

Here are 12 simple fixes for taking your copy and content to the next level of effectiveness.

Design by Wire

Most Web projects include the task of wireframing site interactions to visually convey page-level design thinking. It's the wireframe that details the minutiae of how a site will work—detail that's required to create a useful, usable and engaging site. It's ironic that this core deliverable, the foundation for all subsequent design work, is so 
often misunderstood.

Don’t Blindly 
Trust the Internet!

My personal definition of WWW is Wild West Web. What triggered this column was a story in The New York Times titled, "Closed, Says Google, but Shops' Signs Say Open." Writer David Segal described how businesses listed as "Closed" on Google are actually open and thriving.

Full Sweep

To the casual observer, Publishers Clearing House (PCH) appears to have luck on its side. The nearly 60-year-old company that got its start selling magazine subscriptions has weathered stringent sweepstakes legislation and the accompanying publicity stirred up by Congress; the shrinking of its original customer base; and the not insignificant challenge of duplicating its offline dominance in the online sphere.

Google's Guesswork

Google AdWords is an auction, but it doesn't work the way you might expect. In an AdWords auction, the highest bidder doesn't always win, and the amount you pay is based on a number of factors in addition to your bid.

Ira Kalish: Future Consumers to be Tough Sells

Not quite a realized dystopia, the year 2020 will witness the birth of a new global consumer. These consumers could be a challenge for marketers, as they will likely be more frugal and, simultaneously, more demanding. They'll want products that are built to last, green and delivered with a smile by happy employees.

Marketing’s Best Blogs

We've launched Marketing's Best Blogs. OK, it does not actually have all of marketing's best blogs yet. To make it that, we need your help.

Memories Top Reward Points?

The mistake many marketers make with loyalty programs is they don't make the rewards unique to their businesses, said Jerry McLaughlin on Oct. 5 during his session at DMA2011 Conference & Exhibition in Boston.

The Address Quality Gatekeeper

Collecting and maintaining accurate address information is an issue for companies of all sizes. The ramifications of poor address quality can be far-reaching and expensive. What you need is a gatekeeper.