Target Marketing November 2010


A Creative Study in Freshening Crowdsourced Ideas

In the study "Crowdsourcing and Individual Creativity Over Time: The Detrimental Effects of Past Success," Barry L. Bayus delves into one of the main ways organizations are getting social with consumers.

Click-to-Call Quantified: Live Service Lifts Sales

On the faceless Internet, one-click live customer service is a premium that may increase revenue, improve retention and reduce customer service costs, according to recent findings from Forrester Consulting.

Content Curation Boosts SEO

Much like femtocells boost cell phone signals, content curation aids search engine optimization. So finds Airvana—makers of femtocells, which are small cellular base stations that extend phone coverage to an area that may not otherwise have cell service.

First Impressions

Successful marketers are able to integrate all the unique nuances of each marketing channel in order to reach not just a broad audience, but specifically the right audience.

In Your Face Advertising

Ads are everywhere I look—on cars, jet plane fuselages, garbage trucks, golf carts, kids' report cards, over urinals, on billboards, gas pumps, cellphones, sports uniforms, skywriting, and of course, on radio, TV, newspapers, magazines and the Internet.

Let Customers Be Your Guide

Tasked with raising renewal rates on home warranties, Doug Stein, president of Sunrise, Fla.-based HMS National turned to a process of in-depth customer interviews, called "voice-of-the-customer" research, for answers.

Marketers, Ask Yourself: Are You a Real Direct Marketer?

Real direct marketers aren't driven by any one type of media, award-winning messaging or misgivings about changes in technology.

Plan to Retain

Regardless of channel perspective, converting new customers into repeat customers remains the most valuable contact strategy method available for marketers.

Playing Hooky With Your Brand

As a whole, marketers are often too cooped-up with their brands, juggling best practices and customer data, all the while trying to come up with something "fresh."

Proof in Marketing

The beauty of direct marketing is that it proves itself. And as the new marketing channels—Web, mobile, social—are developing, they're proving themselves, too.

The m.Web Experience

Mobile browsing is set to outpace desktop browsing in the next three to five years. Yet, the landscape of the mobile Web leaves something to be desired.

Thinkering and Tinkering

Instead of wasting a company's precious resources—time, energy and enthusiasm—dithering, I encourage clients to put that energy into "thinkering" and tinkering with this simple exercise from my BrandAbout process.