Target Marketing May 2011


A Website to Make You Weep

Go to and you're greeted with a handsome black and blue landing page with a sound bite of his music and a slowly spinning outline map of Africa that cross-fades into a piano then morphs into a photograph of the 85-year-old jazz legend. However, it's downhill from there.

B-to-B Marketers Find New Opportunities 
in Social Media

Social media's reach is growing beyond the personal application and into business strategy for many marketers, often by leaps and bounds. Based on a May 2010 article from, 86 percent of B-to-B firms are using social media, compared to 82 percent of B-to-C companies. However, only 32 percent of the B-to-B firms are actively engaging with their audiences using social media, compared to 52 percent of B-to-C companies.

Busting Out 
of the Bunkers

The last few years have been terrible for many companies. But I'll say this: Direct marketers have responded not by hiding in their bunkers, but by changing practices and figuring out ways to get 21st Century, digitally enabled, cash-strapped consumers to listen, engage and eventually open their wallets.

Compass Not Included

Website content needs to be divided up and spread across a network of interrelated pages. When dropped into this information space, users want to know where they are, where they can go and how to get back. The clearer the path to their digital destinations, the less anxiety they feel about the experience overall.

Digital Rewards for Loyal Tech Customers

Sapphire Technology, a Hong Kong-based company with a Canadian office in Markham, Ont., launched its Sapphire Select Club (SSC) loyalty club in October 2009 by offering members exclusive product information, access to events and contest prizes ranging from Honda scooters to iPads.

Meet Your Marketing Allies

Direct response copywriters and designers are creative strategists first, writers and designers second. Think of us as your marketing allies. We want what you want—increased clicks, calls, visits and sales.

Opening Their Eyes

Forced to take action by the NCOA requirement to update lists no more than 95 days before mailing, Chicago-based Blind Service Association found a better way to clean its list and keep its donors.

Robo Reps

Online consumers are demanding more sophisticated self-
service support options. To that end, companies such as eBay and H&R Block are looking to improve service accessibility and provide the best possible customer experience value by turning to intelligent virtual agent solutions.

Solving the P&L Puzzle

The P&L statement is equally useful in measuring the overall financial viability of an online campaign, as well as measuring more traditional quarterly or annual performance ratios.

Start the Presses

Consider newspaper inserts—enhancing this traditional space advertising platform by leveraging a QR Code or geoPURL is a cost-effective approach to facilitate a two-way dialogue through traditional print channels and can transition print material into customizable online content.

Who Do You Trust to Track Privacy?

Privacy has become a complex issue for marketers to manage. It's not just about the data we collect. It's also about the platforms on which it's collected; whether the data crosses borders; whether it's collected passively or with the subject's knowledge; how notice is given and the ability to opt in or out; how it's used and shared; and last, but not least, the security of the data throughout the process.