Target Marketing March 2012


2 Tips to Improve Email Design

Email continues to be a powerful online marketing performer, but it is becoming increasingly critical to develop 
effective email design that showcases compelling content. That's because email subscribers and the tools they use for reading email are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Plus, ISPs are focusing more closely on subscriber/email interactions to gauge the legitimacy of email senders.

2011 Direct 
Mail Trend of 
the Year: VDP

According to data from the Who's Mailing What! Archive from the beginning of 2009 until October 2011, it's clear that the personalization/VDP (variable data printing) trend is not going away.

48 Copy Starters for Letter and Email Openers

Whether you write, approve or read and respond to letters and emails, I think you'll agree the first sentence of copy is critical for grabbing your attention. It sets the bait for hooking scanners who become readers who then turn into responders. The opening sentence can be both a hot spot and a rough spot. It's a hot spot for the reader because it's one of the first places the eye looks for the answer to the question, "What's in it for me?"

About Offers

"Success in direct mail," wrote the legendary guru Ed Mayer many years ago, "is 40 percent lists, 
40 percent offer and 20 percent everything else." On the Internet, lists count the least. Names are so cheap, you can blitz the world practically for free.

Engage With Purpose

It's possible to generate leads within LinkedIn groups by showing your target market how you can solve their nagging problems. But sometimes it takes more than providing tips or "micro-solutions." Sometimes you need to turn up the volume by prompting customers to behave in ways that provide benefit to them and, at the same time, identify them as qualified leads.

How Mobile Is Your Security?

Most companies have historically controlled mobile access by issuing standard smartphones that could be secured and managed within the network. But more companies are realizing that employee preference for brands and the proliferation of tablets in the workforce are making this practice obsolete. We are now in the era of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

Media Usage Forecast 2012

Marketers are climbing out of the foxholes and charging back to the fight for new customers in 2012. At least, that's what we see in the results of Target Marketing's 2012 Annual Media Usage Survey. Overall marketing budgets in 2012 aren't too different from what they were in 2011, but their investments are more aggressive and customer acquisition-oriented.

Mobile-Social Campaign Honors Band's Fans

Fans of Honor Society couldn't have gotten a better deal. Concertgoers who checked in on a mobile application got the ultimate offer from the Los Angeles-based band of New Yorkers—the musicians themselves.

Playing Your Cards Right

What is the proper media mix between digital, print, direct and the myriad other marketing channels? Getting the right message to the right person at the right time is both more complex and yet more possible. Before, marketers just had to worry about who to target. Now, it's not only about who to target, but also about when, how and with what products and offers. With abundant behavioral data and advanced analytical techniques, some marketers are figuring out exactly that.

Solving the 
SERP Puzzle

Facebook clearly is an important platform on which advertisers are compelled to provide some level of presence, including a Facebook page, proactive display ads, sponsored stories and text ads targeted at consumer profiles relevant to their brands. The success of social media in attracting consumers is undeniable, and its importance as an advertising platform is growing. Our question is: How does social media impact search?

What Would You Do for an Email?

I recently received a brilliant email from Harry & David, the long-time cataloger of food and gift baskets. At Christmas, I had ordered its pears as gifts for my home and for some of my more far-flung family members. The email was a simple request for review—Harry & David asked what I thought of the gifts.