Target Marketing March 2011


AAA South Makes, Models Analytics Efficiency

Fantasyland is a great place for its members to go, but AAA Auto Club South's analytics team wants to ensure that its data—enabling, for example, insight into customers' propensity to buy the discounted Walt Disney World tickets it sells—reflects reality.

Can Anyone Be Against Online Privacy?

If asked in a survey, "Are you for or against online privacy?" what would you say? Can anyone really be against it?

Follow the Money

More than 60 percent of respondents to the fifth annual Target Marketing Media Usage Survey plan to increase their social media budgets in 2011 over 2010. Staying ahead of the game has never been more important for a marketer. And, if you can spare a little time at your desk to log in on March 15, we have been working on an excellent free event that will help you do exactly that.

Hiring 3.0

If you want to improve social marketing ROI quickly, look no further than your hiring practices. Who you hire—and how you go about it—can make all the difference.

Lead Generation Is Broken

About 95 percent of generated leads are not effectively pursued by the sales team because marketing, often rewarded for generating a mountain of leads, delivers large numbers of unfiltered suspects.

Measuring the Impact of Rumors

As reasoning beings, humans need to understand the world around them. Add that to mankind's social nature, and people facing ambiguous or threatening situations tend to want to talk to each other. And that, more often than not, leads to rumors.

Media Usage Forecast 2011

According to Target Marketing's 2011 Annual Media Usage Forecast survey results, half of all respondents, exactly 50.1 percent, expect their 2011 direct response media budgets to remain the same as in 2010.

More SMBs Are Getting SaaSy

Marketing professionals at small businesses and mid-market companies are the main ones adopting cloud-based information technologies. The bespoke nature of software-as-a-service (SaaS) speaks to them on several levels, according to survey results released in January.

Planning for Profitability

Do you know what minimum response rate your direct marketing campaign needs to be profitable? What about the required net revenue? How does an email campaign metric differ from a print one?

Print Is NOT Dead!

It seems to me that the current mantra among the oh-so-hip and with-it 20-somethings—who get their news exclusively from the Internet and Jon Stewart—is that print is dead and the old rules of print no longer apply.

Reputation Guaranteed

For direct marketers, reputationis a key influencer in getting people to act. Your reputation is a part of your direct marketing offer. Your offer is everything you are willing to give in exchange for response.

The Key(words) to Success

Keywords are an essential component of pay-per-click (PPC) marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). In both, keywords play a vital role in the search engines'—and your customers'—ability to find you online.