Target Marketing June 2014


Cancer Survivors Pay It Forward

Michelle A. Gearhart-Pash beat cancer more times than there are words in her name—yet her smile still takes up half her face. "I am a cancer survivor who is here today because of City of Hope," reads the letter she signed for the Duarte, Calif. nonprofit cancer hospital.

Data Wrangler

The most important recent change in the world of data-driven marketing is a single data analyst can now drive significant value using the powerful and affordable tools that are available in today's information technology world. Let's look at the opportunities that are involved with Web data and, specifically, two actionable ways for creating value with a high ROI: 1) Web data within its own reporting environment and 2) Integrating Web data into a multichannel reporting and marketing environment.

Is HTTP or HTTPS Better for SEO?

Just two days after the Wall Street Journal quoted Matt Cutts, the head of Google's Webspam team, as saying marketers with encrypted sites may see a boost in search engine rankings, San Diego-based search marketing agency Covario weighed in with its point of view. This is still a "maybe," but marketers should be proactive about it and switch from HTTP to HTTPS, says Covario's SEO Manager Michael Martin.

Learning From Fiascos

We all make mistakes. They are usually pushed out of sight and you don't hear much about them. Marketing articles are usually about successful campaigns, but there is a lot that can be learned from those mistakes.

So Now Marketers Are Racists?

The much-anticipated White House report on Big Data may have invented an issue even more problematic to marketers than privacy: Is personalized marketing discriminatory?


My colleagues and I have looked to the timeline of consumer tech, from the Commodore 64 through to Google Glass itself, to see if our history could be a useful predictor of what will be trending in the future. It turns out that there is a clear pattern in the shifts we've made during the last 20 years, and it appears as though this pattern will continue to drive innovation.

U-T Makes Digital Look Good on Paper

About two years ago, U-T San Diego had a problem any publisher would love to have—let alone a 146-year-old legacy print publisher. "We were running out of ads," says Joseph Gordon, research director at the news organization. "Our salespeople were coming to us and saying, 'Hey, we want to book this.' And I'd say, 'Sorry, there's no inventory left.' And every time we turn away an advertiser or money, it's obviously a big issue."

What I Learned From P.O. Box 1857

Opening envelopes and unzipping direct mail snap packs provides cross-channel marketers with the chance to lurk-and-learn from their direct mail marketing colleagues. I speak from experience. Lurking, learning and confirming is what I've been doing for more than a year as I saved a stack of mail pieces I received from P.O. Box 1857 in Alpharetta, Ga. Sometimes I received two or three pieces a month from this address. You probably did, too, if you're an AT&T customer. P.O. Box 1857 is the home address for AT&T Customer Care. Here's what I learned

When the Cookies Crumble

Cookies are in the news lately—or rather, the diminishing influence of Web cookies. And it has some marketers wondering if they're going to be able to continue gathering the kind of data necessary to deliver targeted, relevant offers and messages online.

Wicked Folks at

As readers of my cranky columns know, I had nine jobs in my first 12 years in business. I was fired from five of them. At some point I realized the average workplace sucks. "A's hire A's," wrote Don Rumsfeld, "and B's hire C's."