Target Marketing June 2012


4 Repinnable Pinterest Tips

Pinterest, the social network where aphorisms go to live alongside (or in) photos, seems to be a marketer's dream—and nightmare. So, yes, posts of brands' products have plenty of positive comments, but those "pins" and "repins" seem to happen at the whim of the Pinterest users. Or do they?

5 Tips for Harnessing the Power of Your Customer Advocates

Social referral programs are end-to-end marketing programs that enable brands to reach out to highly engaged, loyal customers and turn them into "social advocates"—who, in turn, refer the brands and products or services they sell to their friends and social communities. If brands can properly harness the power of social referrals, they can tap into a new, high-value marketing channel.

A Frank Talk

It isn’t often I get to meet or spend time with my clients’ mentors. I had that honor recently when Paal Gisholt, CEO of SmartPak Equine, introduced me to his longtime mentor and now board member, Frank Zenie. His credentials include spending 25-plus years as an entrepreneur and chief executive, building innovative, market-leading and profitable companies (Waters Corporation and Zymark Corporation to name two), as well as writing a book called “StreetSmart Entrepreneuring.”

Brilliant QR Codes: Have You Seen Any?

As is the case with all marketing, there is the good, the bad and the "let's forget that ever happened, please." This occurs across all channels, with all media. However, when a marketer gets it right, we can all learn from it. Consider the Apple App Store’s ad for Instagram. Integrated Marketing Mix member Alex Schwartz picked this out as one of his favorite examples of innovative and unique QR code strategy. In the ad, the QR code is  made up of individual Instagram photos. The code then takes you directly to the App store where you can download Instagram.

Database Security Before the Breach

When asked about data security, most marketers simply shrug their shoulders. It’s IT’s responsibility, right? Wrong. Database security is more than just IT’s job. If you’re a marketer, it’s high time you familiarized yourself with the steps you need to take to safeguard your precious customer and prospect information.

Galloping Ahead

Through the years, Fasig-Tipton, a thoroughbred auction company of Lexington, Ky., has maintained its position in the horse industry by updating its methods. That’s why QR Codes and videos are now part of its marketing program, says Max Hodge, the company’s director of client services. New technologies have helped Fasig-Tipton increase its share in the thoroughbred auction market—up from 25 percent in 2006 and 2007 to 32 percent in 2009. Hodge says even in this economy, his company’s ability to adapt to customer needs has helped Fasig-Tipton maintain 30 percent of the market share since 2010.

I’ll Happily Pay for Email!

If the USPS—with its 275-year reputation for honesty and reliability—announced a paid website for serious correspondence, I would sign up in a nanosecond. Here's a business model example I've pulled together for an exclusive, hack-proof email service.

Integrated Marketing: DM’s Present and Future

Fasig-Tipton, a Lexington, Ky.-based thoroughbred auction company and the subject of our cover story, does something fascinating to me: It mails catalogs. You know, those old paper and ink things that Aaron Montgomery Ward invented in 1872—depending on your age, you may have used the J.C. Penney or Macy’s catalogs to make up Christmas lists, buy school clothes or swat very large insects. (The things were the size of phone books!)

Marketing Mythbusting

There’s a lot of misinformation on many topics, and B-to-B marketing is no exception. As a result, there’s more guesswork, not less, in B-to-B marketing today. Increasingly, this gives rise to false beliefs or myths about B-to-B that are difficult to dispel.

To SquareTrade, Social Referrals = Square Deals

In September 2011, Will Spencer knew Apple was about to release something, and he suspected he knew what it would be. The marketing manager for SquareTrade, a San Francisco-based electronics warranty provider, was pretty sure it was going to be a new version of the iPhone.

Turning Emails Into Customers

Most companies have embraced email—and they spend a lot of time and money to grow their email lists. This is good, but it’s not enough. The most successful email marketers not only work on growing their email lists, they work to turn email addresses on their lists into fully engaged customers. Here are a few ways to leverage editorial and service email messages to drive sales.

What Game-changer?

Social media’s “game-changing” ability is so overstated and sensationalized that what you’re doing with it, right now, is likely working against your best interests. How can this be? There is no money in your knowing the truth: The social media revolution was a lie. Need proof? Look around. Where’s the revolution in your business? People actually acquiring customers and selling using Facebook, blogs, YouTube and LinkedIn know the truth; they know something most of us don’t.

Worldata List Price Index: Spring 2012 Trends Revealed

Worldata's Spring 2012 List Price Index, the barometer for trending of all list rental pricing, tracks the changes in list rental pricing each season. The index shows significant price drops in Aggregated Business Databases files over Spring 2012. Other notable price decreases occurred in permission-based files for B-to-C email.