Target Marketing July/August 2014


10 Million Reasons to Care About CASL

I know what you’re saying to yourself. “I’m not a Canadian business.” “My email marketing is targeted to the U.S.” “I don’t send marketing emails, but use newsletters to get around legislation like this.” “I’m a B-to-B marketer.” “I’m a nonprofit.”

8 Ways to Write Effective B-to-B Headlines

I recently came across an article in a marketing trade publication (not this one) praising some top B-to-B ad agencies for supposedly creating great print ads. I was blown away—but not in a good way.

A Bridge Over B-to-C Channels

eBay uses content “exclusively” for selling, says Jeffrey Wilks of eBay Enterprise. USA TODAY uses it to engage readers across channels, retaining them after they travel from social networks to the news site, says Jill Engle. For Havas Worldwide, content was once the province of someone’s spare time, but now the agency has chief content officers, says Matt Blasco.

Can Augmented Reality Add Value to Print?

Neither print nor digital alone are enough to truly lift your ROI for most applications. You often need both, working together strategically, to create the lift you're looking for. Print is tangible, easily saved for future use, can be passed on to others, can be very targeted, and is memorable. Digital is fast, has a cool factor, can be personalized, is easily accessed, and is used by consumers more and more each day.

Does Digital-Only Work?

It seems print, because it's been around for a very long time and often costs more, has fallen out of favor for the new and exciting digital options. However, print is still very relevant in the digital world. The biggest draw for print is that it's tangible and, therefore, can stimulate more than just your visual senses. When print is integrated with digital, it can produce great results. There is a real symbiotic relationship between them that benefits both.

How to Build a Portal to Better Customer Relationships With Mobile Apps

You’ve seen the statistics: Mobile devices are quickly becoming the gateway to everything media. This new mobile reality has permeated our lives and our culture. I saw a study recently that encapsulates this particular change in culture. Common Sense Media surveyed parents of children 0-8 in the U.S. and found that 38 percent of 2-year-old children and younger have used a mobile device for playing games, watching videos or other media-related purposes. These are toddlers—babies, really—who haven’t learned how to put a sentence together, yet they have no trouble accessing games or cueing up videos.

Improve Your Marketing Mind

What’s the secret to better marketing and ROI? There’s no single answer to that, but I bet everyone reading this would like to find a way to convert a bit better. I bet we’d all like to know a better way to try new marketing technologies, media channels and platforms. Questions arise, such as:

Inbound Marketing

The sheer spectrum of possibilities for inbound marketing and lead generation can be daunting, but you can easily take advantage of the method if you know how to prioritize the tools available.

Loyalty Games?

Gamification is generating plenty of buzz right now. But with so much hype in the headlines, it's no surprise many marketers remain uncertain about exactly what gamification is and how they can use it to help improve their marketing campaigns. To help clear up the confusion, here are the fundamentals of gamification and an explanation why it can significantly improve your online marketing campaigns.

The Selling of TSA Precheck

When the 9/11 terrorists struck, airport security changed dramatically. Travelers were urged to get to the airport four hours in advance of their flights. A month later, I had to be in Chicago for the DMA convention. I wasn't scared of flying. With the increased security, this was probably the safest time to fly in the history of commercial aviation. However, I opted not to go through the airport check-in mayhem and instead bought round-trip Amtrak passage with a sleeping compartment.

Webinar ROI Doubles for CA Tech

Two years ago, CA Technologies was marketing to prospects with three webcasts a month that taught at