Target Marketing July 2010


Adding Video: Trouble or Nirvana?

E-mail marketing, at its essence, is a targeted missile strike. A quick and precise action with measurable results, right? Adding more payload to the e-mail can increase your chance for success or steer you toward self-destruction. Adding video to your e-mail campaigns can sometimes feel this way, too.

AstraZeneca Socializes With Patients

Marketers in the medical community are hearing it just as much as their counterparts in other sectors: Get social. Sixty-one percent of Americans are searching online for medical information, and 60 percent of the searchers say the information they found there helped guide their treatment decisions, says Gigi Peterkin. Peterkin, associate director of interactive media for AstraZeneca US, the American arm of the London-based biopharmaceutical company, spoke on May 11 during the Social Communications & Healthcare–Case Studies and Roundtables conference in New York.

Direct Mail Is AvMed’s Silver Lining

Before adding intelligence to its direct mail efforts, Miami-based AvMed Health Plans was just as likely to solicit a senior couple away on a river cruise as one firmly parked on the couch, so ensconced in game shows that they didn't notice when the mail arrived.

Get More 
for Less

Saturation mail can be a valuable tool for marketers looking to reach a broad audience within a defined area at the lowest possible cost. Even better, saturation mail can be targeted with the right know-how.

How Engaging Is Your Website Design?

During the past two decades, the Web has grown from an interesting academic oddity to one of the most powerful platforms for commerce in any era. Through it all, marketers have been playing with the design of the basic website to come up with the ultimate digital sales tool.

In Their Own Words

One of the most effective ways to neutralize buying objections and add credibility to your product benefit statements is to let your customers speak on your behalf.

Is the Privacy War Over?

I've worked on privacy issues for 20 years, but I never imagined the phenomenon or the privacy implications of social networking. Twenty years ago, businesses, which were driven by consumer information and consumer advocates alike, characterized consumers as fiercely protective of their privacy.

Make It an Engagement

Your website and your e-mail marketing programs should strive to engage customers. Passive sites push content and information, whereas engaging sites and e-mails find ways to facilitate interactive information sharing and collaboration. They may also include video, social networking and online communities to further increase engagement.

Making Sense of It All

Data are everywhere. Anyone with a smartphone is his or her own (not so private) data point. Technology—and an ever-growing need to track, measure and optimize ROIs—has fostered a corresponding need to analyze and understand data.

Rise Above the Din

When I wrote my first article on direct marketing, as an intern for Target Marketing in 1992, I immediately was impressed by this challenging but exciting practice. The ability to develop and test a hypothesis is a compelling promise that has hooked many a fan of this marketing discipline.

Strategies for 
a Great Headline

As a copywriter, I'm often asked which headline techniques work best for getting an envelope opened or a landing page read. Because the importance of the headline can't be overstated, it's not surprising this subject has been explored endlessly.

The Passing of a Renaissance Man

It was with great sadness that I learned of the passing of Frank Vos, 90, president of the agency that guided me in bringing the Better Homes & Gardens book clubs from the brink of ruin to profitability. I first met him over lunch, right after I took over the book clubs, and mentioned I had a Sunfish that I sailed many afternoons and weekends on Manhasset (Long Island) Bay.