Target Marketing January/February 2015


5 Tips for Mobile-Friendly Responsive Email Design

Transitioning to responsive email design is more than just a simple redesign. It's a different way of approaching email content. Just as responsive design has forced Web content managers to carefully consider the context and user experience for the content they present, so too is responsive email design demanding a re-examination of email strategy.

Creating Vivid Content Experiences

It's no longer acceptable to just transmit static, one-way messages. And that applies to all marketing communications, not just mobile. It's up to us, as marketers, to create content experiences across all media that appeal to the emotional, as well as the analytical, parts of our audience's brains.

Email Design 101

One of the biggest challenges email marketers face is finding a way to cut through the noise of everyday distractions and deliver a welcome and relevant message that connects with and activates the audience. While there's no magic formula for success, there are a few simple best practices that can help you win the attention game and ensure your messages are heard.

Eye on the Buy(er)

Ah, baseball. The American pastime. Every kid who learned to hit growing up has heard "Keep your eye on the ball!" Looking into 2015, marketers are learning a new game: Customer Experience (CX). And the maxim your CX little league coaches are telling you? "Keep your eye on the buyer!"

How Gmail Changed the Delivery Game

Here's a look at how Gmail—and changes this ISP has introduced during the past year and a half—affects marketers.

Invincible Marketing

A young woman wears a wide smile and a bike helmet as a display ad captures her gleeful moment of pedaling down a New York City street. "YOU'RE NOT INVINCIBLE," yells white type on a purple background below her image. "SO GET HEALTH INSURANCE NOW, BEFORE YOU NEED IT," loudly suggests the next display ad image, which hosts a smaller "learn more" button next to the EmblemHealth logo.

Mobile Ready 2015

Mobile-optimized content will reign supreme in 2015. This requires brands to ensure that their content strategy takes into consideration varying screen sizes. With a smaller screen comes a bigger responsibility. Businesses need to reinvent the way they interact with their audiences across mobile, social and email, or else they will risk losing them as customers.

Sometimes Old-School Is Better

The search engine Google is a boon to freelance copywriters, giving us fast access to much more information than we could ever dig up at those old-fashioned data depositories we used to call "libraries." As a result, it's easier to write stronger copy today, because specifics sell, and Google gives us all the specifics we need.

The More You Know

What is one of the biggest challenges for email marketers? Deliverability. Do your emails get delivered to the primary inbox, show up in a bulk or spam folder, or does an ISP silently delete them?

The Passing of a Giant

Irvin Borowsky, founder of North American Publishing Company and Target Marketing, was small in size and towering in stature. A magnificent schemer and dreamer, Irv was a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist who changed lives and changed the world.

The Year Marketing Takes Power?

The world of marketing changed 20 years ago, in 1995. That's the year Amazon and Ebay both launched to the public—the first year online shopping really became a thing—and commerce was never the same.