Target Marketing January 2012


Asking the 
Right Questions

Whether you 
call it "Green Purchasing," "Sustainable Sourcing" or "Environmentally Preferred Procurement," evaluating whether or not suppliers meet your own environmental standards—and creating buyer/supplier relationships that reinforce those standards—drives sustainability through your print and paper supply chains.

Blank Page Blogging Secrets

Blogging has become important to many marketers. Engaging with consumers keeps their messages in the email inbox, mentioned on social media and ranking high in organic search results.

Choose Wisely

Today's marketing leaders are tasked to deliver better results in tight economic times while consumers have their hands on the information throttle. Considering which customers and prospects to reach out to should go beyond list size, permission, cadence, content and deliverability. It shouldn't be a guessing game.

Data Dealings

In any company, strategy development for future planning hinges on one critical assumption: the data used to drive decision making is sound and the data's integrity is uncompromised, robust and reliable. It starts with making sure the data is correct on the input side of any database.

Don’t Tarnish Your Reputation!

Email deliverability is still a major challenge for marketers. If emails are diverted to a junk folder or just go missing, a marketer loses the opportunity to engage the recipient or generate transactions.

Dumping Gutter Jargon, Gaining Leads

Jeff Drugmand needed to take his website's language out of the gutter. After all, the site's jargon about its roof-based precipitation chute was stumping the average customer—a home-owner, not a contractor—who tried to hire Colorado 
Seamless Gutters.

Get on the Horn

When was the last time you talked 
with the people who buy your products and pay your salary? And no, email, Facebook and Twitter don't count. I mean a face-to-face or voice-to-voice conversation with those fine folks who keep you 
in business.

Hello, Avatars!

For meetings, there are Skype and "Go To Meeting"—group phone calls where everybody is electronic—avatars talking to avatars. Unfortunately, this means no more personal banter with ideas crackling followed by a convivial lunch or dinner afterwards.

Segment Experiments

Where marketers once thought, "Customers subscribe to lists so we can talk at them," marketers should now think, "We are building a community around our brand, and customers are joining that community by giving us permission to communicate with them."

The Big Qs of 2012

With the New Year here, Target Marketing spoke with industry experts about a number of issues, from cross-channel communication to consumer privacy, to discover what marketers need to focus on in 2012.

What the New Year Brings

Another turn of the seasons is through and we're in 2012. The year the economy turns around? The year mobile really takes off? The year social media takes over? The year the USPS changes forever? The last year marketers are allowed to collect private data on consumers?