Target Marketing January 2011


4 Design Rules That Boost Deliverability

Web designers may think of cascading style sheets (CSS) as a good way to ensure Web pages look great in any browser, but CSS can seem like cancer to inboxes.

Acquisition Analysis

For every marketing channel, there are two critical components: the cost of acquiring a new client and the lifetime value (LTV) of that client.

Cisco Analyzes Its Human Network

Cisco's "The Human Network" can now find better data faster, down to individual contacts—otherwise known as humans.

Consumers Vote for Value

According to John Gerzema and Michael D'Antonio, marketers need to tune in to the real consumers, not the personas they've been marketing to.

Customer Onboarding

How you choose to begin the relationship with new contacts, and what you learn about them, will have a direct impact on how well you stay connected with them and, ultimately, whether or not you bring them onboard as customers.

Finding Lift in Your Data

Every direct mail campaign—whether it's a solicitation letter seeking new customers, offers for existing customers or a catalog full of products—should be managed for maximum response.

to Honeypots

Marketers should employ the following seven strategies to ensure their email database growth initiatives will result in the highest conversion rates with the most accurate 
email addresses.

It’s Best to 
Be Loved

In November, Facebook announced it would pursue a new messaging service that combines all of a user's message feeds—Facebook messages, emails, SMS, chat, etc.—into a single interface. But, unlike current email, that interface would sort everything into three folders.

Reaching Out

As digital marketing continues to grow, it's important to use a variety of online channels to your advantage for maximum outreach. Let's start with the key components for success—the lists, offer and creative as they contribute to motivating response.

Big Qs 
of 2011

Target Marketing magazine reached out to some of the most knowledgeable people in the direct marketing industry to find out what they believe are the biggest issues facing direct marketers today and what questions your company needs to be able to answer to thrive in the coming year and beyond.

The Devil’s in the Details

It's the little things that make a huge difference when it comes to delivering clicks, calls and visits to your store or website. When rolled into a powerful marketing message, even the smallest copy and design elements can help increase or squelch results.

Trashing a Brand

Before you casually expand your product line, it is imperative to think through the possible collateral damage.