Target Marketing January 2010


A Balanced Attribution Equation

The last click hardly tells the whole story to those who want to properly attribute sales to their marketing efforts, said Esco Strong, director of the Microsoft Advertising Institute. Speaking during a session in November at ad:tech New York, Strong suggested that for the last click to happen, the rest of the funnel needs to be there. For the rest of the funnel to exist, its creators need to be paid.

Engagement Tracking

Hopkinton, Mass.-based Flimp Media says its recent integration of its landing page platform with more than 20 e-mail marketing services allows marketers using Flimp's video marketing and analytics to track viewer engagement and interaction with video and rich media down to a specific address. Plus, the platform allows businesses to create, edit, deploy and track video e-mail and marketing campaigns and video landing pages on their own.

Get the 
Message Out

Triggered messaging is an important tool in your e-mail marketing arsenal that can increase the timeliness and relevance of your communications. Let's face it, consumers' inboxes are jam-packed with e-mails from marketers competing for attention. It is getting harder to stand out. With triggered messages, you can create communications based on the user's action or behavior. When coupled with the right subject line, you have a chance to capture attention and spur activity.

Growing Leads

A "one size fits all" approach certainly has its place, such as with hats, gloves and the like. But when it comes to marketing lawn care services, that method won't translate into more quality leads. For Spring-Green Lawn Care Corp., the Plainfield, Ill.-based lawn and tree care service franchise, a tailored strategy was necessary to maximize local exposure and generate leads effectively.

Hot Off the Web … and Press

What do Apple, Wegmans and AAA have in common? They're all primarily B-to-C companies, yes, but they all also leverage editorial-style information as a commercial touchpoint. Welcome to what's being called content marketing, a practice commonplace in the B-to-B space but that is beginning to gain legs as a B-to-C marketing strategy.

Increase Visibility

It was a blustery January morning a couple of years ago when I mustered the courage to march into my creative director's office and ask him why he wasn't using a senior staff writer (like me) to write the copy for Fingerhut's new insurance program. I was bored with polyester pantsuits and burned out writing about cookware. I wanted a challenge. I wanted to write insurance copy.

Making a Beeline for B-to-B Client Ideas

In 2010, woe is the business that doesn't understand how the 
global economy works. Or doesn't at least hire a company that does. The latter option is the one the big players using Jacksonville, Fla.-based workforce solutions firm Beeline seem to have chosen. But that decision hasn't stopped those companies from expecting Beeline to tailor its solutions to their exact specifications.

Online 'Cousin' Metrics

It used to be so simple, didn't it? We mailed, we tested, we measured, we refined. Good spreadsheet and analytical skills were necessities for every direct marketer. Our ability to compare this year's data with that of years prior was easy to do, of paramount importance and valid without a shadow of a doubt.

Smooth Landings

Everyone wants to find the silver bullet. I am often asked what should be on the perfect registration or sign-up landing page. Of course, the answer is always the same: "It depends." So you should test different approaches on your specific audience. No single prescription will fit all circumstances.

Take the Right Trails

Marketers using traditional customer reactivation strategies are struggling to deliver the results they once did. Drastic cutbacks in consumer spending and channel fragmentation have dampened reactivation efforts, forcing marketers to develop new approaches to maximize outreach to lapsed customers. Today's innovators are leveraging customer data, analytical tools and new customer touchpoints to fuel their remarketing efforts with dramatic results.

Upset Customers Break Companies

A pre-Internet marketing rule stated that a happy customer would tell an average of three people while someone who was disgruntled with a product or service would tell 11.