Target Marketing February 2012 magazine


At Your Service

Products are tangible and services are intangible. Tangibles are easier to sell than intangibles. Therefore, the more you can make your service look like a product, the more tangible it will seem, and the easier it will be to sell.

Brand Real; Paid, Owned, Earned; and Mobilized Marketing

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BroadcastMed’s Videos Sew Up Sponsors

To err is human—but surgeons won't accept that excuse. They're expected to perform perfectly 100 percent of the time. So surgeons demand their service providers have at least 99.9 percent success rates, says Peter Gailey, president of Farmington, Conn.-based BroadcastMed. That's why, five or six years ago, he hired Tempe, Ariz.-based Limelight Networks to ensure his company's flagship product—live streaming video of surgical procedures on—would 
flow flawlessly.

Conceptual Thinking

Concept testing—which is different from usability testing—puts two different website design treatments in front of representative users to see if one concept is perceived to be more usable or engaging than the other. Once a design is chosen and client-approved, the build phase can begin.

Mobile Boom

Mobile is a booming channel. According to Nielsen’s State of the Media: Consumer Usage Report 2011, there are more mobile phone users (232 million) than computer users (192 million). It also reports 43 percent of those mobile phones are smartphones. That works out to nearly 100 million people walking around with full-featured mobile Web and app access all the time, even without counting tablets—like the iPad—which are exploding in their own right.

Reading Yourself

One of the best ways to gain insight into new channels like mobile is to use them yourself. Unfortunately, that's also a good way to build a strong personal bias. No matter how much research you read or advice you solicit, your own impression from using a channel is going to shape how you view it strategically, often in subtle ways.

Survey Says: Consumers Want Caring Auto Insurers

While the concept of a grudge match between Progressive's "Flo" and the GEICO Gecko is entertaining, insurance companies using mass media to undercut each other's prices are missing the mark, according to Acxiom's 2011 Auto Insurance Consumer 
Dynamics Survey.

That’s the 

Many businesses have seen e-ticketing as a way to reduce costs by delivering tickets electronically; whether to email or mobile. In reality, the e-ticket itself can be a direct marketing platform that delivers the ticket, as well as a number of banner ads targeted to the individual customer, based on the information that is held on that customer.

The Customers 
Are in Revolt!

In the fall of 2011, if the marketing powers-that-were at Bank of America and Netflix had practiced the Method Marketing concept, they would not have wound up eating large helpings of crow.

Today's Catalog

Many catalogers who had backed away from print—or stopped printing entirely— are now refocusing on their print catalog core. What's driving the reinvestment in print catalogs? Here are nine emerging techniques and technologies that are largely responsible, and how you can apply them to your marketing.

ToyoTags Leads

About a year ago, car manufacturer Toyota moved away from using QR Codes and found success using "ToyoTags" for mobile marketing efforts because the more picture-like, more eye-pleasing SnapTags from Denver-based SpyderLynk solved three issues for Toyota: brandability, flexibility and reach.

Trust Me

Trust is an important component to building lasting relationships with your customers. Brand-builders need to spend time thinking about how trust is built (to woo new prospects), how it can be further strengthened (to increase market share) and how it can be lost (to 
proactively prevent!).