Target Marketing February 2011


CRM on the Web

Are you creating customer relationship magic ... or customer relationship misery?

Customer Engagement, Search Engine Marketing and Online Marketing Performance

Connecting the dots between various points of customer interaction with your brand can be difficult, especially as the variety of touchpoints increases with social media adoption.

Figuring It Out

It’s not easy being the marcom manager of a B-to-B company. There are several unique issues B-to-B marcom managers face:

Help USPS Help You

For mailers, the key to cutting postage costs is to work with the USPS and service providers to help achieve the best results with postage and cost issues.

High Noon for Geo-Targeting PPC

Christopher Noon has a sunny disposition now that his lawn care company is raking in the leads. The secret ingredient fertilizing the growth is paid search, says the president and co-founder of Hudson, Mass.-based Noon Turf Care.

Knowing Consumers 
Takes Work

We can guess a lot about how consumers' lives are changing through gut feeling and observation. But seeing that something has changed seldom reveals the insights you need to frame a marketing campaign.

Marketing With a Pop

I’ve used the marketing concept of pop-ups as a tool to help companies in all sorts of industries—not just retail—think about how their brands can learn from these experiences and simulate the effects of these pop-upesque opportunities.

Navigating Consumers’ Cross-Channel Purchasing

Only 7 percent of marketers surveyed report relying on the last click for attributing conversions. That's a good sign.

Smart Questions

There are several standard pages that worm their way into most organizations' websites simply because that's the way it's always been. My hope is to convince marketers to be discriminating when it comes to the (all-too-frequently included) Frequently Asked Questions page on their companies' websites.

The Social Network Star

Scott Monty, whose formal title according to his LinkedIn profile is "global digital and multimedia communications manager," became part of Ford's forward-looking approach to marketing in July 2008.