Target Marketing April 2012


5 App Tips for Small Businesses

About 2,000 mobile apps are published every day, making them "the fastest-growing consumer segment in the history of commerce," says Scott Hirsch, citing research Mobilewalla announced in December 2011.

Are They Listening?

Up to 50 percent of your email file may not have opened or clicked on your emails in many months. This sad situation certainly is not helping to drive interest and business to your site. In addition, it costs money to regularly mail to your list. Let's examine the issue of inactives on your list and then look at strategies you can use to re-engage this potentially dead wood.

Avoid Rip-Off Pricing

What's a product worth? "The offer should be so attractive," said the legendary Claude Hopkins, "that only a lunatic would say no."

Dairy Queen’s Loyalty Blizzard

International Dairy Queen franchisee Dave Reasner wanted a blizzard of customers to join his loyalty program. He got his precipitation: By the end of his pilot mobile loyalty rewards program, nearly 1,000 customers became members. Not too shabby, considering he targeted the 12,000-resident-strong community of Rochester, Ind.

Decades of Progress

You would think the older you get, the more experience you have and, therefore, the more you know. It's true you do know more about and get better at the things you already do. But at the same time, there are an increasing number of things you don't do—and therefore don't know much about. I can see this, and perhaps you can too, when you trace the evolution of B-to-B selling and marketing during, say, the past five decades.

Doctor, Heal Thyself

Every year, nearly half of all 309 million Americans visit a new doctor. About 60 percent of those patients trust their current doctors to provide good referrals. That's where PracticePlus LLC comes in, with its prescription of physician-to-physician direct mail to drive referrals.

Friendly Prospects

Social prospecting is still young in marketing years. Finding the best way to reach qualified prospects requires trial-and-error testing. The basic rules are similar to other direct marketing methods: Give people a reason to connect and get as much access to communicate with them as you can. Instead of accumulating likes, follows and pluses that do little to grow your business, use the platforms to capture email addresses so you can connect with customers and prospects on a one-to-one basis.

Keep It Simpler!

Simplicity may be the new black. I see simplicity winning all around me. Whether it's the return of vinyl albums for the younger generation, the 30 percent increase in the sales of canning supplies, or the surge in gardening, sewing or knitting, brands that tap into their customers' desires to counterbalance the highly complicated tech world we live in with high-touch activities will endear themselves to their customers.

Kicking App

Some companies are shifting the way they approach their marketing efforts, deciding it doesn't begin with a website and it can't rely on mass market "push" campaigns. We are seeing a new mindset focused on customer engagement start to lead the charge. Here are the five fundamental principles of good application design that apply whether you are creating your app for a mobile, social media or Web platform, along with several ways to deliver a stunning and engaging user experience that will keep customers loyal to your brand year after year.

Likeonomics, Breakthrough Branding and What the Best Marketers Know, Do and Say

Check out the new marketing titles publishing in May, June and July 2012 from John Wiley & Sons, Nicholas Brealey Publishing and FT Press.

Send Green, 
Save Green

Direct marketers have become increasingly savvy about the positive impact environmental policies have on their brands, in addition to the policies' main intent of improving sustainability and lessening environmental impact. But challenging your design, production and printing partners to help meet sustainability goals also can have a positive impact on your bottom line. Here are 10 tips that will make your direct mail efforts more "green," and save money.

The President’s Marketer

We're all seeing the results of the Democrats' recruiting effort, and similar efforts on the Republican side, in our mailboxes and inboxes today. These are the most highly targeted, personal, high-tech (and, yeah, maybe a little bit creepy) fundraising campaigns ever launched.