Target Marketing April 2011


19 Favorite Takeaways

Takeaways serve two purposes: 1) to force the writer (me) to focus on the key points of the story and ruthlessly self-edit when I start wandering off-track 2) to crystallize the story in the mind of the reader, making it memorable.

A Little Human Touch

I've found that companies spend quite a bit of time on the techy-ness of their brands, but not so much on the high touch-ness of their offerings. How much human touch is part of your current brand experience?

All-Out Blitz

Starting in 2008 with the Coaches Club auction, the New York jets had to sell season tickets at thousands of dollars a pop—during the Great Recession. So the team chose to continue the brand/direct fusion during its biggest season ticket push: a campaign dubbed, "It's Go Time!"

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe ...

Today, B-to-B marketers are faced with a bewildering variety of choices when it comes to choosing how they will communicate with

Location-based Data, Business Intelligence and CRM

Maponics, based in White River Junction, Vt., has launched the latest version of its GIS mapping service, which now includes more than 120,000 U.S. and Canadian neighborhoods.

Phoenix Rises Through B-to-B ‘Tube’

For the 300 customers of Phoenix A.M.D. International Inc. who've joined the company's members-only video training site, something may seem very familiar about what they're viewing. Then they figure it out; it's the man talking on the "Phoenix Tube" video. He's someone they regularly see in their furniture showrooms, talking to them about how to sell extended warranties insured by Phoenix.

Please Try This Call Again; 
Next Time With More Integration

Even marketers who think they know what they're doing in every channel and discipline, including analytics, may overlook optimizing their greatest conversion tool: the telephone.

Socialized Learning

Testing in social media is still more of an art than a science, but an art that offers remarkable promise for testing prospecting, retention and even larger segments due to its immediate stimulus/response character.

Stepping Phones

Last month's Media Usage Survey showed some wavering in direct marketers' commitment to mobile. No respondents said that mobile isn't here to stay, or even that it isn't going to be the way of the future. But few respondents expressed a clear vision of what to do with it.

Trigger Leads and Sales

Most marketers have a regular email program in place. I want to focus on what relevant emails mean to B-to-B and B-to-C marketers. The applications are very different: B-to-B marketers can employ sophisticated lead nurturing programs while B-to-C marketers are more likely to zero in on driving a sale.


Perhaps only a small minority of your customers are trying to access your website via mobile devices right now. Maybe those people don't seem worth worrying about yet. However, mobile use is skyrocketing.