Taking Time to Think


A Structured Approach to Business-to-Business Segmentation

This paper provides a structured approach to organizing both internal and external business information resources. The techniques proposed will provide you with useful information to develop high-level strategic plans, as well as tactical day-to-day communications and targeting programs designed to maximize sales resources. This document spells out, step-by-step, how to understand goals, define measures that play into those goals, prepare data, create a modeling database, develop meaningful Business-to-Business segments and apply the analysis throughout an organization. http://resources.targetmarketingmag.com/xxxx/

Claritas BusinessPoint Market Focus Customer Analysis

Claritas BusinessPoint™ facilitates all aspects of the businessto- business marketing cycle in an online environment. A subset of BusinessPoint is the Market Focus Customer Analysis module—an online service providing business marketers a more dynamic and effective list matching and merging service. Though slightly similar to traditional list matching services provided by other service bureaus, BusinessPoint’s Market Focus Customer Analysis provides the unique ability to match a business-to-business customer file online, in real time, 24 hours a day. http://resources.targetmarketingmag.com/xyz/

Taking Time to Think

What single word powered IBM to become a great high-tech global conglomerate that changed how business was done and wars were fought? THINK. From the IBM Web site: THINK was a one-word slogan developed by IBM founder Thomas J. Watson, Sr. It appeared in IBM offices, plants and company publications in the 1920s and in the early 1930s began to take precedence over other slogans in IBM. It eventually appeared in wood, stone and bronze, and was published in company newspapers, magazines, calendars, photographs, medallions—even New Yorker cartoons—and it remained for years the name of IBM’s employee publication. You can still find echoes of

THE POWER OF PLACE: Advanced Customer and Location Analytics for Market Planning

Retail-based businesses are facing turbulent times. The intense pressures of sophisticated competition, new information technologies, litigious practices and new accounting rules combine to produce an unstable and unpredictable marketplace. As a result, devising successful growth strategies is difficult. Geographic market selection and real estate strategy, in particular, require a new focus. http://resources.targetmarketingmag.com/xxxxu

The Precision Marketing Benchmark Report

Across all industries and company size, growing revenues is a top priority for organizations. This holds true for all business models: business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C), not-for-profit, and for those that perform the “marketing two-step” (B2B2C). Moreover, top-line growth is not the only pressure faced. Marketers also seek to do more with less. They are pressured to identify and invest in their most valuable or profitable customers while optimizing both budgets and resources applied. http://resources.targetmarketingmag.com/xxxx/