T.O. and Drew–The Mouths That Roared


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Question: How can I improve my company's chances for success in today's multichannel arena? Answers: At Omaha Steaks, we realize that conflict among our various sales channels doesn't really exist. We know that sales go in every different direction. Today, our marketing group acts as an ad agency to serve all of our sales channels. They watch from a high view, that is, they coordinate all promotions across all channels. It's quite a complex task, but it's highly effective. —Todd Simon, senior vice president, Omaha Steaks "In marketing and product development today, it's not about what's next. Rather, it's about what's important

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By Phil Minix, senior vice president of catalog and tours marketing at Reiman Publications Let's face it: We've gotten spoiled by the fact that we can count on our staffs to answer calls promptly, take phone orders efficiently, easily process Web orders, ship products to customers in a timely fashion and have the merchandise arrive in good condition. Since the processes often run so smoothly, we sometimes take them for granted. But should we? Here are six suggestions on things we could be doing — as an industry — to make customers' experiences more enjoyable and rewarding, and to ensure they

T.O. and Drew--The Mouths That Roared

Winning and Whining to Guarantee Sky-High Ratings IN THE NEWS By all appearances, Andy Reid is poised to make the biggest mistake of his head coaching career this morning. If Reid welcomes Terrell Owens back to his team, he turns the Eagles' 2005 season over to the most immature and selfish athlete in all of professional sports. The team Reid has carefully built into one of the best in the NFL will officially be in the hands of the last man anyone at the NovaCare Complex can trust. --Phil Sheridan "Birds will pay if they allow

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