Should Congress Shut Down eBay?


10 Best Practices for Bilingual Hispanic Mail

To grow their customer bases, most industries have tapped into the Hispanic market. “I think most companies realize, or will soon realize, that without marketing to Hispanics, your market is shrinking,” says Michael Saray, president of New York-based Michael Saray Hispanic Marketing. Saray is referring to census data recording the general market’s death rate as being higher than its birthrate, and projecting the Hispanic population will grow to one quarter of the total U.S. population by 2050. A bilingual direct mail campaign may provide the best odds of connecting with Hispanic prospects. According to the 2006 American Community Survey, 78 percent of Hispanics speak

Autism Society of America’s Marguerite Kirst Colston on Web Site Design

For each of the estimated 60 families today who will have a child diagnosed as autistic—and who may walk out of the physician’s office with only a resource folder to accompany their overwhelming shock, relief, sorrow and questions about what to do next—nonprofit organizations such as the Autism Society of America are working to provide answers. An increase in media coverage since the February 2007 Center for Disease Control autism report, which revealed the prevalence of autism is now one in 150 children, resulted in a rash of related blogs, personal Web pages and Yahoo! Groups. For the Autism Society of America, providing the

Five Tips for Mailing to Seniors

Smart marketers will say there’s already a big mistake in this article. Want a hint? It’s in the headline, and it’s the first tip for reaching older prospects via direct mail. 1. Avoid name-calling. That’s right, the first thing to remember when marketing to seniors is don’t call them seniors. Focus on your product or offer and how it is designed to meet prospects’ needs and values without pinpointing their life stage. 2. Older prospects equal better open rates. While people who are 55-plus are sometimes viewed as one segment, it may be helpful to consider that direct mail is most effective in targeting

Four Tips for Creating Emotional Direct Mail Appeals

While there is no single element or component that accounts for a mailing’s long-term chances, analysis of long-term controls received by the Who’s Mailing What! Archive—a direct mail library and competitive tracking service—reveals one common messaging tactic: a strong emotional appeal. Below are three examples of long-standing control packages and insights on how each one achieves an emotional pull. 1. Use details to drum up guilt. The Humane Farming Association’s effort for a national veal boycott has been mailed since September 1998. Its impressive run is largely based on an appeal to guilt. The #10 outer envelope carries the photo of a penned-in calf

Should Congress Shut Down eBay?

I have a huge file on the European Union and the myriad ways bureaucrats in Brussels insinuate themselves and their personal agendas into every facet of business and life. They dictate what can and cannot be done in terms of work rules, consumer marketing, competition, the media, nannies, light bulbs, data and so much more. In November, the EU issued a directive on noise abatement that included how loud symphony orchestras are allowed to play. Last week I read the story of how the state of Pennsylvania wants to shut down the thriving eBay auction business of single mom Mary Jo Pletz, which enables