Never Ever Take Your Eye off the USP!


ARGI Acquires MediaBrains’ Reader Services Division, Introduces ARGI Focus

Montvale, NJ, March 20, 2007 -- ARGI, the leading provider of Subscription and Membership Customer Management services, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of the Reader Services business of MediaBrains, a leading provider of publisher-centric lead generation solutions. The acquisition provides ARGI with 170 new clients who represent over 400 publications serving both Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer readers. “The MediaBrains Reader Service acquisition is central to ARGI’s mission of providing outstanding service to clients who utilize our subscription fulfillment solutions” said Ray Butkus, CEO, ARGI. “The ability for publishers to provide measurable results to their advertisers, in the form of leads, is critical to

Hots Spots for Simple Personalization

Not every marketer has the data, profit margin or creative strategy that supports the creation of customized direct mail efforts with variable templates, graphics and copy blocks. But simple text personalization still can be an effective method for gaining your audience’s attention and improving response rates. Consider adding variable text messaging (e.g. name, title, company name, past purchases, member since date, last donation amount) to the following sections of your direct mail piece, those hot spots that have proven to be highly read by consumers and business people alike: * salutation * outer envelope teaser copy (or any copy that shows through an envelope window) * headlines *

Never Ever Take Your Eye off the USP!

Last week I wrote about the failed petition drive to get an amendment to the Philadelphia City Charter on the May 5 primary ballot. The premise: no casino could be built within 1,500 feet of any school, home, house of worship, playground, public pool, library, or civic center. Needed were the valid, notarized signatures of 20,000 registered voters. Of the 27,254 signatures collected, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that fewer than 7,000 were valid. No one bothered to get ahold of the voter registration list. Do-gooders went forth to round up signatures from anybody and everybody. Put in direct marketing terms, it was the equivalent

Playing It Safe With Tests

If the size of your budget for testing leaves more than a little something to be desired, the following lower cost testing ideas from freelance copywriter and direct marketing consultant George Duncan could help you get the most insight for your investment. Idea #1: Try testing new lists with your control offer on an oversized or double postcard in place of your full bore–meaning expensive—control package. Idea #2: Don’t spend test dollars on lists with low counts. Add them incrementally to continuations and rollouts. Idea #3: Confine your testing to off-season months, so you don’t cut into your control package’s more profitable results during peak sales periods. Idea

Taking the Focus Beyond Online to ‘Onboard’

Marketers across the globe have been suffering from a kind of feverish desire, second in intensity only to the Gold Rush of 1949, to pursue the treasure within online marketing. The reasoning, it would seem, was that once they were successful in capturing the much coveted online customer, marketers could then proceed to annoy and frustrate them with countless pieces of inexpensive e-mail on a ny subject of their choosing. As is often the case, the marketing industry became focused on the vehicle as savior, at the expense of what counts the most, the message. While the alluring world of Internet communication certainly has provided