More Takeaway Points to Consider


More Takeaway Points to Consider

*Are the decisions in your company made by the accountants, actuaries, adjusters and lawyers, or by savvy marketing people? * "Always try to convert a disadvantage into an advantage." --Elsworth Howell, former president Grolier Enterprises and Howell Book House * "Always try to turn a marketing disaster into a marketing opportunity." --Lester Wunderman Direct marketing advertising legend * "Times of adversity and screw-ups may be the only times when you can really show your customers how much you love them." --Malcolm Decker Direct marketing consultant and freelance writer * In short, this could have been a PR bonanza!

Save Money With Remnants

Being prepared to place remnant orders can be a cost-saving strategy. Most seasoned users of insert media will print additional key codes of material for the specific purpose of last-minute placements. Placement rates can be most negotiable just prior to a closing date, but it usually requires quick action to get the inserts delivered to the required destination for distribution. ——Rob Stanton, director, business development, Stanton Direct Marketing Inc.

The Wall Came Tumbling Down

And the Insurance Companies Copped Out Have you heard the difference between an accountant and an actuary? An accountant is the person who goes onto the field of conflict after the battle and bayonets the bodies. An actuary is someone who does not have the personality to be an accountant. The only job in this world that is worse than being an actuary is that of an insurance adjuster. It is an entire life spent explaining to badly hurt people why the insurance company does not have to pay a claim in full--or at all--because the small print says so. Backgrounder The wall was