‘I Say It’s Spinach …’


‘I Say It’s Spinach ...’

On Dec. 8, 1928, The New Yorker ran one of its most famous cartoons drawn by Carl Rose with text by E. B. White. It depicted a small child eating dinner. The caption: Young mother: “It’s broccoli, dear.” Young daughter: “I say it’s spinach, and I say the hell with it.” Recently, I’ve been buying bagged spinach and either microwaving it in the bag or sauteing it with a ton of garlic. Great stuff, until nearly 200 people in 26 states became seriously ill with E. coli from tainted bagged spinach supplied by Natural Selection Foods in California’s Salinas Valley. At least one person died and 29 others

B-to-B Insights: Powerful Prose

13 proven strategies to create high-performing copy. Whether you’re using online or offline media channels to drive your direct marketing, copy significantly impacts your results. Direct is about getting prospects to read your message and respond right now. While you strive to build and support your brand using high-impact formats and images, you also must deliver copy that touches the heart and head of your prospects. Here’s a checklist of 13 essential points to help you create high-performance copy. Be specific. Words are the writer’s paintbrush. Your words should paint a picture that is vivid in detail. Instead of “How many times are

Does CRM Really Work?

The challenge is to connect with your customers, not have the latest and greatest technology. Yes, CRM can work with the right balance of planning, people, and processes. The best practices start with a clear definition of customer expectations and grow into a service oriented organization. The inspiration can come from the top, but success is dependant on the rank and file. Everyone must participate for it to work. The goal is to create a customer experience so phenomenal that your customers become your recruiters. Word of mouth has always been the best advertising and highly desirable. Today, it is a requirement if a company

Improve B-to-B E-mail Deliverability: A Checklist

Use the following checklist to help improve your B-to-B delivery rates: 1. Configurations: Bad message configurations will lead to deliverability problems. If you suspect configuration problems are harming your sends, use a delivery service provider to audit your system. 2. IP Address: Poor list hygiene or frequent complaints can lead to permanent blocks over time. To identify trouble spots, hire a third party with special expertise — such as an e-mail service provider or delivery service provider — to perform an inexpensive audit of your IP address. If you find an insurmountable problem, change your IP. Don’t make a habit of switching IPs, though. You’ll

Libey on Lists—Predictions for 2006 and Beyond

It’s Wednesday, August 16, at 9:30 in the morning, and all eyes in the room of List Vision attendees are glued on speaker Don Libey, partly because he’s sweating like a glass of iced tea on a hot Iowa afternoon and mostly because he’s systematically laying out the direction this industry will take over the next decade. Libey, who is principal of direct marketing consultancy Libey Incorporated, does not believe in mincing his words, and so he’s earned a reputation as being an extremist. What that means, in truth, is that most people don’t want to fully accept that his theories might be true