America the Taliban


America the Taliban

The idea that any new film that depicts someone smoking will be given an R rating by the Motion Picture Association of America [MPAA] is an example of yet another buttinsky group of zealots worked into a lather about a tangential issue when the world is falling apart. Is this wonderfully free society being gradually subverted by multitudes of muddled prudes who want to dictate how we think and act just like the Taliban in Afghanistan? I am reminded of Cole Porter’s delightful—and deliciously racy—musical comedy, “Out of This World,” which opened in 1950 and was based on Greek mythology. I saw it at

Melissa Data’s New Database Targets Homeowners

Online database makes it easier to find prospects based on both homeowner and property information RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif. (May 15, 2007) — Melissa Data (, a provider of business and consumer mailing lists, databases and sales leads, today announced the availability of a Homeowner database, one of the first online databases offering comprehensive information on both absentee and on-site homeowners, and their properties. “Absentee and on-site homeowners represent a segment of the population with substantial buying power,” said John Hull, Melissa Data vice president of list sales. “Using the Homeowner database, businesses may customize, order, and download targeted lists to reach the right

The Marketing Magic of E-mail: Nine Ways to Make It Work For You

Marketing guru Chris Baggott, author of “Email Marketing by the Numbers” offers some insights to help you make the most of your e-mail marketing. Stay out of the spam folder. The same things that make e-mail valuable to you also make it valuable to spammers. There is a lot of bad e-mail out there, and if your message gets lumped in with the trash, it will mean ruined constituent relationships for you. And you don’t have to sell questionable sexual enhancement products to be labeled a spammer. Even trustworthy organizations can abuse e-mail. Get your recipients to act. One of the most glaring issues for