A 50-Year-Old Russian TV Show That Changed History


7 Ways to Green Both Mail & Mailer

At the recent 2008 DM Days in New York, Debora Haskel, vice president of marketing for IWCO Direct in Minneapolis, presented “45 Environmentally Friendly Direct Mail Ideas in 45 Minutes.” In her session, she made it clear that there are many big and small ways to green your direct mail as well as your company itself. Here are seven green initiatives to undertake.

Data Visualization for Nonquantitative Marketers

You have lots of questions and lots of data, and you want to know how to get answers to those questions. What do you do next? Consider this step-by-step process to help a nonquantitative marketer visualize data to reach conclusions without complicated statistical techniques. Before you start getting all the figures you can find on your company’s systems, understand that there are several steps to take that can make your task easier. If you follow them in order, you might find you can relieve a lot of your anxiety about diving into tables of units, dollars and dates. 1. Define your question: what, when,