5 Ways to Do Paid Search Without Keywords

Alex Cohen of ClickEquations says search engine marketing without keywords not only can be done, it can be highly profitable.

Be the Customer

Great brands differentiate themselves in many ways. But the way that will win the most hearts, minds and wallets is never forgetting that you are only in business to serve your customers.

Data Under Duress

When old-time mom-and-pop grocery stores knew customers by name, house number and favorite products, that was called "service." When marketers do it today, it's called "behavioral targeting."

Double Vision

Direct mail, email messaging and telemarketing each have a legitimate place in your marketing plans. Sooner or later, you find yourself searching for strategies to merge duplicates between online and offline data sources.

Finding 'Things to Do'

Extensive SEO efforts have helped St. Petersburg Times' website, tampabay.com, reach millions of readers each month, and are largely responsible for its 22 percent gain in digital advertising revenue from 2009 to 2010.

HA Advantage Looks to Cloud for Leads

When HA Advantage started up in June 2009, the Pleasanton, Calif.-based transportation spend management solution provider didn't have any names in its database. But the software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider knew logistics, so it tackled the problem right away.

Personalized Marketing, Social Media and Postal

As marketers are increasingly required to validate their campaign spending, new tools to track and measure ROI are needed. Enter cross-media marketing communications software company XMPie—headquartered in New York—and its PersonalEffect 5.2, an upgrade to the personalized marketing tool.

Social Dollars & Cents

Is Twitter just a new way to get customers' attention, funnel discounts to them and douse customer service fires? Or is it a better way to generate leads? Avaya and Jones Lang LaSalle have the answer.

Standout Performance

Here are 10 tips that can help improve your B-to-B catalog, and in their simplest form, improve your direct mail:

Trillion$ Might Have Been Saved

All business is the business of redlining—avoiding customers who cannot pay their bills. I immediately remembered two other takeaways that could have protected investors from losing trillions of dollars.

Tuning In

In reality, the always-on, always-connected consumer has many ways to communicate, buy products and services, and relate to a brand 24/7. These consumers are no longer targets at the end of a sales funnel or information push. They're at the center of—and often the beginning of—a brand dialogue.