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Think Pink: Retailers Promote Cancer Awareness to Customers
October 9, 2015

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and email marketers are busy encouraging their customers to take advantage of special promotions. Most of these emails include promises from the retailers that they will donate a portion of their sales toward cancer organizations, an extra incentive to get subscribers to shop this month.

The Influence of Influencers: How Bloggers Are Changing Brand Marketing
October 9, 2015

Content generation has been a hot topic in brand marketing recently. If you're not expanding your brand through content, it will likely fall behind. Big-box retailers such as Old Navy and Target are currently making content creation, influencers and stylists an integral part of their social media strategies.

5 Ways to Future-Proof Marketing and Sales Organizations
October 7, 2015

Technology has transformed the way companies do business, but it's important for executives to recognize the role it plays in generating new leads through marketing and driving sales. Except in commoditized markets, technology doesn't make the sale by itself. Marketing teams have to deliver leads, and good sales reps are still a crucial factor in closing deals.

When Digital Marketers Go Offline
October 6, 2015

In a session yesterday at the Direct Marketing Association's new &THEN Marketing Conference in Boston, Indeed.com's Vice President of Global Marketing Mary Ellen Dugan swam against the current. While many of the sessions were focused on how to optimize and what's next, Dugan took 45 minutes to talk about what happens when digital marketers go offline.

How Predictive Analytics Can Inform Online Marketing Campaigns
October 5, 2015

Predictive analytics can help B-to-B marketers identify the highest-quality leads and make the conversations and interactions a lot smarter for both sides. The technology uses a wide range of data — e.g., personal and corporate demographics, interests expressed, offers accepted or rejected, products purchased, locations, devices and channels used, and environmental conditions — to forecast future behavior based on how "similar" customers have behaved in the past.

Houzz's Email Program Builds on Content and Community
October 2, 2015

Autumn is a great time for home improvement projects. However, unless you know what you want to do with absolute certainty, trying to get the ball rolling can be a daunting task. Where can you get some ideas? Whose opinions should you trust? What professionals should you hire? Where should you buy? Enter Houzz, a six-year-old platform with a focus on architecture, interior and exterior design, and renovation.

What's the Mobile Marketing Blind Spot Costing You?
October 2, 2015

With growing consumer adoption of smartphones and increased usage of "click to call," consumers are creating a blind spot for marketers. The blind spot? Phone calls. DialogTech, formerly known as Ifbyphone, a call analytics and automation company, created the infographic below to help marketers navigate the rise of customer service phone calls, as well as offer tips to eliminate the blind spot in your mobile marketing attribution.

The Top Five Benefits of Marketing Automation
October 1, 2015

There is a growing buzz in the marketplace about Marketing Automation. It is an incredibly powerful, simple to implement and cost effective resource you can no longer live without. Marketing automation inexpensively increases the number and quality of sales leads, accelerates revenue growth and facilitates your competitive dominance as it is predictable and reproducible.

In this webinar you will learn the top five benefits of marketing automation including:
- Centralized Marketing Platform - Manage all marketing activities and email delivery within one tool
- Capture and Identify Leads - Convert anonymous website visitors into sales ready leads
- Real-Time Automation - Execute complex marketing campaigns in hours, not weeks
- Lead Scoring/Nurturing - Quantify and prioritize leads based on profile, behavior and interests
- Attribution and ROI Determination - Measure the impact of your marketing on revenue

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3 Ways to Get Customers to Share Their Information
September 30, 2015

The secret to making customers want to share their data is to take the practice out of the dark, and put in under the spotlight by answering the why and the how. This will make every customer understand why sharing their data will ultimately result in a richer, more in-depth experience with your brand. 

Be There: Google on its ‘Micro Moments’
September 29, 2015

Mobile isn't the future anymore; it's the here and now. And in case you've been sleeping, Google has had a guiding hand in where mobile is today. In a very informative report just released, Google details the art of "Being There" in the unique "micro moments" that each mobile user experiences.