eMarketing and Commerce

Shopping on the Small Screen: How to Optimize Mobile
October 23, 2015

Mobile is the top digital channel of 2015. According to a new infographic from membership-based retailer DirectBuy, 29 percent of U.S. adults describe their smartphone as something they can't live without, 44 percent sleep with a smartphone by their bed to avoid missing notifications, and 67 percent check their smartphones for messages even without receiving some type of notification.

Holiday 2015: Less About Black Friday, Cyber Monday
October 22, 2015

Holiday 2015 will be less and less about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, predicts retail price and product intelligence solution provider 360pi. "Traditional 'must win' holiday dates will continue to lose relevancy," opines 360pi in its press release.

Ring, Ring ... Home Depot Savings Calling
October 21, 2015

To promote its mobile alerts, Home Depot’s email from Oct. 19 featured a cell phone with scrolling messages detailing an offer — $5 off a purchase — that customers receive once they sign up for the program. Furthermore, the messages promote how easy it is to shop from the mobile alerts.

Facebook Continues E-Commerce Push With Shopping Tab
October 16, 2015

This week, Facebook quietly rolled out new e-commerce capabilities on the platform. Now when scrolling profiles, you'll be able to see a section filled with product listings entirely separate of the news feed. The shoppable lists are completely customized for users, depending on what their interests and likes are from past activity on Facebook. FastCompany reports that initially access will only be available to a small group of retailers.

drugstore.com Freshens Up its Email Mix
October 15, 2015

Health care and beauty retailer drugstore.com usually shows a wide variety of products in its email campaigns as part of a special, percentage-off sale. And there’s some of that here as well. But starting with the subject line, there are also a few elements that offer some inspiration. Please check out the slideshow for a quick look at how drugstore.com proves that even the most successful brands need to tweak their marketing prescription every so often.

Making Social Sell: Twitter Introduces Buy Button
October 13, 2015

Got social? Of course you do, don't be ridiculous. It's an integral part of your marketing mix, most likely. Whether you're using it for content marketing, CRM, or just brand presence and awareness, social media has become an invaluable tool for the modern marketer. And now, Twitter — like Facebook before it — is taking it to the next level by introducing a "Buy Now" button and turning the social network into an e-commerce platform.

The Evolution of Marketing: Then and Now
October 13, 2015

Over the past few years, many marketers and chief marketing officers have been struggling with how best to engage their customers. Why? The truth is, the modern consumer has a broader set of expectations and needs, starting with requiring timely, personalized buyer experiences that span multiple channels. Instead of heading to a store, speaking with a sales associate and making a purchase, today's consumers have new, exciting channels to explore on their journey.