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Google and Yahoo Ad Platform Updates Mean Marketers Need to Adapt
November 9, 2015

2015 may not be over yet, but it's already been a year of changes for advertising giants Yahoo and Google. With companies like Facebook amping up the competition in terms of advertising platforms, well-established players are continuing to innovate to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Dove Personalizes Marketing Messages With Emojis
November 6, 2015

Brands are moving beyond the banner ad and straight to emjois. In today's increasingly digital environment, 74 percent of people report using emojis daily, and 67 percent of all women and girls agree they can better express what they want to say with emojis than with words. Tech company Snaps figured out how to help brands capitalize on the trend.

Minding the Gap: How In-Store Mobile Marketing is Reaching Across Generations
November 5, 2015

Thanks in part to the vast amount of recent changes in consumer technology and digital avenues available, many marketers are beginning to question the effectiveness of targeting generations solely based on common characteristics. According to a 2003 academic paper, "Cohort segmentation: An exploration of its validity," only 45 percent of the respondents actually align with their generation's characteristics. Therefore, it's become more clear that generational marketing pigeonholes and oversimplifies the differing age groups’ needs and wants.

‘You’re a Marketing Success, Charlie Brown!’
November 4, 2015

For 50 years, the 1965 animated television special, “A Charlie Brown Christmas” has been an annual holiday tradition for many families. And on Nov. 6, Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the beloved Peanuts characters will make their big-screen debut in theaters. Email marketers have decided to leverage Charlie Brown’s “Good Grief” into great offers built around the timeless icon’s cinematic splash.

4 Mobile Marketing Tips
November 3, 2015

Whether consumers are on their favorite social media platform or shopping online, innovations within mobile marketing are allowing B-to-B and B-to-C companies to target users on-the-go. For brands looking to enhance their mobile presence, consider integrating the following initiatives into any mobile marketing strategy and overall business plan to see substantial increases in your return on investment:

Harry’s Simple Email Combines Commerce and Social Mission
October 30, 2015

Harry’s manufactures and sells razors and shaving accessories directly to consumers, but with a limited choice of options. So an email from the brand earlier this week with the subject line “Introducing our limited edition shave set” stands out to customers who already know of Harry's small product line.

Energizing Twitter Users With Education and ROI
October 28, 2015

From big brands to small mom-and-pops, businesses of all types are leveraging the potential of Twitter to find, engage and convert new customers. It's lead generation, Twitter-style, and all of these businesses are discovering the opportunities the social network provides that they either didn't know existed or didn't have time to explore.

4 Metrics That Uncover Key Insights From Your Data
October 27, 2015

Over the last few years, marketing has shifted towards becoming as much of a science as an art. While intuition and panache still play a large role, focusing on the data behind marketing campaigns is now at the core of what defines effective marketing. Brands now have access to more data about their customers than ever before. Marketing is a numbers game, but succeeding at that game requires a deep understanding of what the data means.