Hillary vs. Bernie: Applying Email Marketing Measurement to Track a Political Race’s Shifting Momentum
November 19, 2015

Bernie Sanders was winning. Heading into the first democratic presidential debate, Sanders' email messages were reaching more users than Hillary Clinton's and his program was performing significantly better. In the week before the event, nearly 95 percent of his email reached the inbox, almost 19 percent was read, and less than 13 percent was ignored (deleted without being read).

Top 10 WMW! Direct Mail and Email Categories
November 18, 2015

Direct Mail Catalogs-Consumer Retail Traffic Builders Fundraising-Health/Handicapped Fundraising-Social Action (Causes) Fundraising-Animals/Wildlife Fundraising-Environment Tours/Travel Promotions Fundraising-Children Seminars/Conferences Insurance-Auto Email Catalogs-Consumer Retail Traffic Builders Magazines-Special Interest Fundraising-Politics Fundraising-Social Action (Causes) Magazines-Business/Financial Catalogs-Children/Teen Catalogs-Food & Kitchenware Newsletters-General Fashions-Men's/Women's Note: These Top 10 lists based on volume of offers for direct mail received by Who’s Mailing What! from July…

Throwback-Style Email From DAK Industries
November 5, 2015

It’s not every day that you get an email that looks like it was sent through a time warp from the year 2000. But a throwback design, and a good offer, make the latest effort from DAK Industries really stand out. Please check out the slideshow for a quick look at how DAK promotes a special offer to its core audience.

Top 10 Mailers/Emailers with PDFs Viewed on WMW!
November 5, 2015

Mailers/Emailers with PDFs Viewed on WMW! Direct Mail American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals AAA AARP Rodale American Express Co. Reader's Digest Prevention Magazine Bottom Line Books Advanced Bionutritionals Capital One Email Kate Spade Williams-Sonoma Advanced Bionutritionals Health & Healing Mountain Home Nutritionals Prevention Magazine Bottom Line Books Dr. Williams' Alternatives Reader's…

Designing Direct Mail Packages That Work
November 5, 2015

I get asked all the time by clients, marketing executives and other creative pros "What formats work best or are working now?" I always answer the same way: "There's no magic bullet. What works is all about pairing the right format with the right creative concept that's in line with the product, brand positioning and messaging."

Don't Say Goodbye: Spotify Makes the Retention Play
October 22, 2015

It's not a goodbye, Spotify. It's just a "can't we just be friends-with-ads" instead of a "friends-with-no-ads." It's not you, it's me. Really. I just can't justify the $10 a month. Look, you're great, but this just isn't working out.

The Path to Holiday Email Optimization Part III: Measuring Your Impact
October 22, 2015

The holidays are coming up and you are feeling pretty confident about your campaigns. You have looked over your program, making sure everything was running smoothly, and you are tracking your metrics to know how your campaigns are performing. The final step before your program is ready for the holidays is to understand the impact of each element and how to track and report on it.

Top 10 B-to-B Mailers in WMW!
October 22, 2015

SkillPath Seminars ASPE Technology Fred Pryor Seminars National Seminars Training CareerTrack American Medical Association Epson America Pitney Bowes Square Note: This Top 10 list is based on direct mail offers received January 2014 to May 2015 in the categories assigned to the B-to-B sector on Who's Mailing What! To view these offers (or those…