YouTube Launches YouTube Insight
April 3, 2008

Company: YouTube, the division of Google that hosts online videos. Product/Service: YouTube Insight, a free tool designed to allow those posting clips, including marketers, to YouTube to view detailed statistics about the videos uploaded.

YouTube Analytics: Marketers Draw New Insights from Old Uploads
March 28, 2008

YouTube's new reporting features have been out just a day, but marketers have already gleaned new insights about old videos.   Previously, the Google-owned platform reported only the raw number of views captured by a given video, along with a short list of the clip's top traffic sources. The new features let content owners obtain a wider range of data about who viewed their videos, where they viewed them, and when. It's information YouTube says can be applied in planning future video programs.

YouTube to Offer Users 'Insight'
March 27, 2008

Google has introduced a new, free tool to YouTube that will provide those who post video clips on the mega-popular site--whether they are semiprofessionals or media conglomerates--with deeper insights into when, where and how often their video clips are viewed.

YouTube Unplugged
March 21, 2008

On Sunday, access to Google Inc.'s YouTube inside China was cut off after the Web site was flooded with graphic images from Tibet, including videos of burning trucks and monks being dragged through the streets by Chinese soldiers. Blocking Western Web sites is routine in China, where the government has tightly controlled the flow of information. But the new YouTube blackout is the latest in a string of clashes between the site and foreign governments in Asia and the Middle East that's forcing the company to grapple with the consequences of its increasingly global reach.

Revenge of the Experts
March 7, 2008

By any name, the current incarnation of the Internet is known for giving power to the people. Sites like YouTube and Wikipedia collect the creations of unpaid amateurs while kicking pros to the curb—or at least deflating their stature to that of the ordinary Netizen. But now some of the same entrepreneurs that funded the user-generated revolution are paying professionals to edit and produce online content.In short, the expert is back. The revival comes amid mounting demand for a more reliable, bankable Web. "People are beginning to recognize that the world is too dangerous a place for faulty information," says Charlotte Beal,a consumer strategist for the Minneapolis-based research firm Iconoculture. Beal adds that choice fatigue and fear of bad advice are creating a "erfect storm of demand for expert information."

Barack Obama Launches Local Web Campaign
February 28, 2008

As crunch time approaches in the Texas and Ohio primaries, ascendant Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama launched Tuesday an aggressive local Web campaign. The campaign represents the first major Web effort for a presidential candidate to incorporate video. Until now, with the exception of paid search ads, candidates have relied primarily on their own Web sites and free placement on social media outlets such as Facebook and YouTube to get their message across online.

Intuit’s Seth Greenberg on Paid Search
February 13, 2008

To keep abreast of discrepancies in search engine algorithms that present both risk and opportunities to boost ROI, Mountain View, Calif.-based financial software provider Intuit partnered with Zeta Interactive, a digital services firm in New York, to improve response during the current tax season. Zeta Interactive assisted Intuit in creating ad groups to support tailored cost-per-click ads and now monitors the frequency with which various search queries are used, rolling frequent queries into the program. It also monitors Intuit’s campaign keywords and ad groups, adjusting, as needed, to create more relevant ad copy. Here, Intuit Director of Online Advertising and Internet Media Seth Greenberg